2021 Honda CRF50F Review and Specs

honda dirt bike, honda dirt bikes
honda dirt bike, honda dirt bikes

Who wouldn’t love a little 50cc Honda dirt bike? 

The same exciting memories that were built on the XR50, Z50, and QR50 can now be created onboard the Honda CRF50F. Its engineering comes from that of the spectacular CRF family DNA. The Honda CRF50F might be entry-level, but from the first kick, kids are guaranteed good times. This ride delivers smooth, reliable power through its four-stroke engine. 

No motorbike rider will have to worry about stalling because they can shift the three-speed transmission using the automatic clutch. Additionally, the Honda CRF50F has been designed with a throttle limiter that is adjustable and with a keyed ignition so that you can control the power output when your kids ride. This is the best bike for starters. 

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