2022 Yamaha TT-R110E Review and Specs

TTR 110 E
2022 TT-R110E

The 2022 Yamaha TT-R110E is a combination of performance and style. Yamaha’s YZ bike series has inspired its unique, stylish structure. On top of looks, it offers exceptional comfort for riders. The semi-automatic gearbox and strong performance 110cc engine enhance its appeal.

This is a perfect bike for riders graduating from the small bikes with 50-80cc transmissions. Its long-travel rear and front suspensions contribute to its ease of use. Also, it is easy to ride the TT-R110E because there is no clutch. Here is a cross-examination on what the bike offers;

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2022 OSET 20R MKII Lipo Review and Specs

2022 20R MKII Lipo
20R MKII Lipo

The 2022 OSET 20R MKII Lipo is an electric dirt bike that offers riders reduced bike weight, maximum run time, and ultimate performance. 

Racing MKII’s suspensions can be adjusted to suit different rider’s preferences and weights. It is designed to help riders develop confidence and motorbike skills. Consequently, the bike is fully electric, meaning no hot parts, virtually silent, no petrol and fumes.

Generally, the bike is loved by adults and kids because of its fun and sheer versatility. They can be used in places other bikes cannot. Let’s examine what kids and adults expect from this motorcycle;

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2022 OSET 24 Racing Review and Specs

Kids electric dirt bike
OSET 24 Racing

The 2022 OSET racing is regarded as one of the most fun electric bikes created for teenagers and adults. This machine is designed for people with a wide range of riding interests. It offers maximum entertainment value for new riders and experienced riders as well.

The adjustability of the bike allows its use in more delicate situations. This enables learner riders to venture into the world of electric bikes easily. It is lightweight with ultra-light parts. The reduced weight gives more run time and power.  The tall and light bike is suited to critical maneuvers and trick riding.

Let us check out what teenagers and adults expect from this dirt bike.

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2022 OSET 12 Racing Review and Specs

Mini Electric bike for kids
OSET 12 Racing

The 2022 OSET 12 Racing is a mini-bike setting the bar for other tiny motorcycles. It is a high specification bike that grows with riders from the age of two to around five depending on the kid’s weight. This is a bike that riders of all kinds can use, including those who have not ridden a motorcycle before.

This bike allows new and young riders to try riding motorcycles in challenging terrains. It is a high specification starter bike that will get a kid off to the best riding experience in the future. The two-dial controller featured in the bike creates a better experience for parents and young riders as well.

Let’s examine what this amazing mini-bike has to offer for kids.

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2022 Honda CRF110F Review and Specs

Honda dirt bike for kids
Honda CRF110F

The 2022 Honda CRF110F is a durable and stylish bike that riders cannot get enough of. With fuel injection, the bike is easier to start and has minimal pollution. The combination of an automatic clutch and four-speed transmission gives riders complete control of the bike. 

Gear shifting is more manageable without having to worry about stalling. A rigid steel frame and generous suspension complete the package. With Honda, reliability is guaranteed. This reliable machine offers excellent performance with a broad powerband. It is perfect for all riders, including beginners. Let us take a look at what the machine entails.

Our 2021 Honda CRF110F guide can be found here.

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2022 Honda CRF50F Review and Specs

2022 Honda CRF50F

2022 Honda CRF50F comes in a compact size to offer young riders a combination of reliable features. The best parts of this bike are the automatic clutch and adjustable throttle limiter that deliver smooth rides. Interestingly, this bike features a steel frame that is also seen in bigger models. This is why it is best for young riders interested in off-road riding or on bumpy roads.

On top of that, the 2022 Honda CRF50F comes with a removable key ignition to tame young riders. So the young riders cannot go riding without permission or supervision from an adult. Let us cross-examine what this exciting machine has to offer.

Our 2021 Honda CRF50F guide can be accessed here.

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2022 Yamaha PW50 Review and Specs

Best 50cc dirt bike
PW50 Review

It is exciting for young bike enthusiasts how a fully automatic transmission 2022 Yamaha PW50 will look like. This is a world-renowned bike that ensures young riders have fun-filled experiences.

Yamaha PW50 is affordable and fantastic. The price makes it one of the bestsellers in the industry. The 2022 Yamaha PW50 has been improved to give young champions an excellent riding experience. 

Let’s break down the specific features, specs, pros, and cons of this fantastic mini-bike.

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2022 Yamaha YZ85LW Review and Specs

Best Yamaha Dirt Bike for kids
2022 Yamaha YZ85LW

Future champions have always looked at YZ85 as the mini race bike of choice. The high-performance two-stroke engine, top-shelf suspension, and fun, light, and elegant structure make Yamaha YZ85LW (Large Wheel) a powerful ride with big-bike specs. 

Strength and rigidity have been optimized by improvements on the rear wheel axle, swingarm, and mainframe. Like other bikes in the YZ series, YZ85LW’s styling provides stability and agility when handling. Is the YZ85LW a game-changer in the racing industry? Here is a cross-examination of the bike and what it brings.

You can read our 2021 YZ 85LW review/specs/guide here.

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