Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Buying Guide 2020

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Why should teens and adults have all the fun? An electric dirt bike for kids can be a great way to introduce children to motocross and encourage a love for the trail at an early age.

Getting them out of the house and onto the tracks, electric e-bikes are ideal for helping youngsters to learn balance and throttle whilst also promoting rider readiness and building confidence. 

However, choosing the best children’s electric dirt bike can be a challenge since there are multiple points to consider.  

To make your life easier, I will examine this further, breaking down the basics and concepts that you need to consider when choosing the right one for your child.

What is an electric dirt bike?

Promising power, speed and improved safety and control, electric dirt bikes have been designed for off-road tracks and closed trails. 

In many ways, they are similar to a traditional dirt bike, however they feature a battery and electric motor that generates power.  

Be aware that laws and regulations related to electric bikes on the road do vary by state and country. As a result, it is important to check out the rules in your local area before investing.

How do I choose the best electric dirt bike for my child?

When selecting the ideal battery-powered transport for your mini dirt bike rider, the most important points to consider include:


As with most things, the more money you spend, the better quality your purchase. 

However, the best models can be expensive and seeing your child breaking your expensive pit bike, may be a deal breaker. It can also be quite a significant outlay if they change their mind. 

If your child is just starting out, consider a second-hand or a refurbished motorbike, and make sure to check dirt bike reviews for the best affordable models.

Child’s Age

The best electric dirt bike for kids is one that is age-appropriate. 

It is suggested that once a child is capable of riding a bicycle without training wheels, they are old enough to ride an electric dirt bike. 

Most kid’s dirt bikes are age-specific, and you should also take your child’s size, skill level and experience into consideration. 

For example, you may wish to opt for a lower power dirt bike (350watts) until they have grown in confidence. By contrast, you could a buy 650watt electric dirt bike for a 12 year old rider.

Minimum Safety Measures 

Motocross can be a dangerous sport, and there must be appropriate safety measures in place to avoid an accident. 

Dirt bike riders should always wear a helmet, pads and goggles to protect their eyes from dirt and mud. 

As well as the usual bike safety measures, children also need to be aware of the importance of driving safely. 

Electric dirt bikes can be safer than traditional dirt bikes as they do not have the hot motor and exhaust and do not need petrol.

Give them a safety lesson before they ride to ensure that they know how to handle it and how to sort out unexpected moments.

Motor Power in a Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

motor bikes, kid dirt bikes

The motor power of any electric motorbike dictates the speed and torque (important for this category). 

Typically, electric dirt bikes are usually between 350 to 650 watts, similarly to an e-MTB.

Although speed is very much part of the fun, it can be dangerous. For younger children or newbie dirt riders, a less powerful bike is recommended.

Suspension and Brakes

If you are riding over rough terrain, decent suspension is necessary to ensure safer handling and a smooth ride. 

You should also make sure that the dirt e-bike is equipped with specially designed brakes for motocross sports.

Weight and Size

One of the most important points to consider is the height and weight of the child in relation to the bike you choose. 

Small Kid’s electric dirt bikes often have a weight limit of around 20kgs; therefore it is important to check your child’s weight in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

To check that your purchase is the right one, your child’s hands should easily be able to reach the handle and make sure that their feet can touch the ground.

Electric vs. Traditional Electric Dirt Bikes


  • Safety:  Electric dirt bikes are considered to be much safer when compared to those with petrol engines, with the engines on the latter running much hotter.
  • Suitable for Beginners: Improved ease of use and control means that electric dirt bikes are a great option for kids and beginners.
  • Friendlier Choice: Electric dirt bikes are much quieter than gas bikes, so they are much less likely to annoy the neighbours. Plus, they are much cleaner and better for the environment.
  • Easier for non-mechanical parents to maintain  


  • Limited Battery: Ride time on an electric dirt bike is limited, and as a result, long ride days may not be possible.
  • Decreased Power Delivery: Electric dirt bikes tend not to be quite as powerful as traditional ones.
  • Maintenance has to be more frequent than high-end electric bikes with almost similar characteristics.

Difference between electric dirt bikes and high performance electric mountain bikes 

electric kids motorbikes, motorbikes for kids

At this point, you have learnt most of the basic concepts regarding e-dirt bikes. 

I know I get very excited on how powerful and fun dirt bikes can be, however I have also found that a lot of e-MTB can deliver top quality for kids.

Over my research for trusted electric mountain bike reviews, I landed on a few good alternatives at Electric Bike Advisor.

According to their analysis, most full suspension electric mountain bikes, such as the Giant Trance E+ 3 Pro, are a viable alternative to a kids electric dirt bike. 

Regardless of their opinion, I think that the obvious difference is the size and most likely the final price.

In addition to the above, not all kids would be able to enjoy an e-mountain bike due to their size and weight (roughly 30 kgs).

Wrap Up

Advancements in technology and electric motorsports have meant that the world of electronic bikes is constantly changing.  

Remember to always make sure that children are kitted out in the relevant safety gear, including a quality helmet, goggles and elbow and kneepads.

I know there is more information relevant to this topic, however, this buying guide has examined the basics you should know when selecting the best electric dirt bike for kids.

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Guest post by Philip T: Philip has been in the e-mountain bike world for more than four (4) years. His passion has made him a top writer, reviewer and editor of Electric Bike Advisor.

2020 Suzuki RM85L Review and Specs

2020 Suzuki RM85L for sale

If you are a first-time motocross racer, the 2020 Suzuki RM85L is a great bike for you. It has big wheels for better comfort and handling. The high revving 85cc reed valve engine is connected to Keihin PE28 carburettor with alloy exhaust valves that control the exhaust port timing, allowing for controlled combustion. Its braking system has a twin-piston calliper that squashes a 20mm disc and a single-piston floater on the rear.

With a progressive valve system, the front end runs an inverted 37mm Showa open cartridge fork that tunes damping to equalize the strong rear shock. In addition, the RM 85L has 48.3cm front and 40.6cm rear tyres. The wheelbase is 1.280 mm and the seat height is 875mm. The bike comes with graphics to make it look good for competition and a bonus race kit. 

2020 Suzuki RM85L for sale
Source: Suzuki

RM85L Specs:

  • 85cc displacement
  • Primary kick starter
  • Liquid-cooled, 2 stroked reed valve, single-cylinder engine
  • 6-speed constant mesh transmission
  • 37mm Showa inverted cartridge fork, front suspension with rebound damping and adjustable compression
  • Link-type Showa shock rear suspension with adjustable compression 
  • Tokico twin-piston calliper front brakes with 220mm in diameter disc
  • Tokico single-piston calliper rear brakes with 220mm in diameter disc 
  • 5-litre fuel capacity
  • 1280mm wheelbase
  • Weight: 74kg 
  • 875mm seat height

Key Features

  • Two-stroked, 85cc reed valve engine.
  • Suzuki composite electrochemical material ensures durability.
  • Effective heat transfer and weight reduction to improve performance.

Can you Rely on Suzuki RM85L?

Suzuki has chosen to stick with the RM85 lengthy engine production run because it is reliable. It has been tried and tested over time. The RM has been a popular race machine for many young racers for years. People riding the bike have not complained about common mechanical problems. If serviced regularly and kept in good condition, the bike is very reliable. However, if it overheats or if you leave the piston in there for too long without replacement, there can be an engine failure just like other motorcycles.

When should the RM85L be used?

Source: Suzuki

The RM was once a front runner but not anymore. Due to a lack of development, the RM is not up to scratch compared with the industry’s new models. It does not have the same high-quality suspension standards.

It does, however, have its place. While it may not be the best for Australian championships, it may be suitable for an A-grade junior joining the championship. The cheaper price tag is worthwhile for anyone who is on a budget but wants to race competitively. The less aggressive power means it is a good choice for beginners, as it is easier to operate. The RM85L is perfect for kids who enjoy riding with the family, on farms, or just recreationally. While it is not advisable to neglect it, the bike is capable of withstanding a bit more neglect more than most brands do. 

  • Affordable compared to other models
  • Comes with a bonus race kit valued at $1,100 (AUD)
  • Unequalled braking performance that gives excellent feel at the lever
  • Confident and smooth handling on tough terrain
  • It can bog when the revs drop too low
  • Low-quality suspension compared to class leaders

2020 Yamaha YZ85LW Review and Specs

The 2020 Yamaha YZ85LW is a star in the youth motocross scene. Many of today’s professional racers were inspired by this dirt bike. It is the bike that led them to their glorious wins. The new YZ85LW can turn your child’s dreams into a reality. Just like the YZ250F, the new model is completely new. Its engine is designed with the Yamaha’s YPVS power valve improving its performance.

Many of this dirt bike’s parts are interchangeable with Yamaha YZ65’s parts making it easy to transition and less hassle for maintenance. Although the outgoing model won the 2018 Australian Junior National title, the new model’s engine has been fitted with a completely revised transmission, intake, and exhaust. With the new features, your kid is ready to win motocross races.

2020 Yamaha YZ85LW for sale
Source: Yamaha

YZ85LW Specs:

  • 85cc displacement
  • YPVS two-stroked, liquid-cooled engine
  • Bore x Stroke: 47.5mm x 47.8mm 
  • 8.1-9.6:1 compression ratio
  • CDI ignition
  • Kick starter system
  • 5 litre fuel tank capacity
  • 6-speed constant mesh transmission
  • Chain final transmission
  • 275mm travel telescopic forks front suspension
  • 287mm travel swingarm rear suspension
  • 220mm single hydraulic front discs
  • 190mm single hydraulic rear discs
  • 1285mm wheelbase
  • 841mm seat height
  • Weights: 73kg 

Key Features

2020 Yamaha YZ85LW specs
Source: Yamaha
  • The crankcase is designed with a reed valve and a 28mm Keihin carburetor for better gas flow.
  • The radiator is light in weight with bigger louvers and cores. 
  • Aluminum vs resin impeller for improved cooling.
  • The new expansion chamber optimizes gas flow due to the YPVS engine output.
  • High-flow airbox.
  • Updated chain adjusters.
  • Adjustable taper-style handlebars.
  • 220mm in diameter front disc and 190mm in diameter rear disc for better braking.
  • High-performance tyres to traction on various terrains.

The new two-stroke YPVS engine

With a two-stroked, liquid cooled engine, the 2020 model now features the Yamaha YPVS technology that prevents the bike from losing power at higher levels of rpm. Moreover, YPVS reduces the need for frequent shifting and enhances drivability. 

For enhanced power output and compression ratio, there is a longer rod and a new head that works best for both.

Rider ergonomics

The new taper style, four-position adjustable handlebar makes it easy for the rider to tune it to the position they feel more comfortable at. With the rear fender, flat fuel tank, side panels, and radiator shrouds, your kids will enjoy the generous freedom of movement.

  • Adjustable rider ergonomics to suit your preferences
  • Lightweight rims (durable and ensure optimum suspension)
  • Easy maintenance
  • High performance
  • No need for frequent shifting
  • Some kids don’t like the positioning of the fuel tank

2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16 Review and Specs

2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16 for sale

Allow your child to step into the big leagues with 2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16. It follows on the footsteps of champions with every part design imitating the big range motorcycles. KTM’s 85 SX’s lightweight and high-quality frame has a rocket ship engine that delivers unequalled performance. 85 SX 19/16 is referred to as a mini warrior that is an ultimate race weapon ready to step up to the podium. It is the best for junior class racers aged for 7-10 year old’s. For safer sprocket fixation, the 2020 model has a new transmission drive shaft fixing. Moreover, its muffler has been reworked with improved packing wool reducing its weight from the older model.

2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16 for sale
Source: KTM

KTM 85 SX 19/16 Specs: 

  • 84.9cc displacement
  • Two-stroke engine, 1-cylinder design
  • Bore x Stroke: 47mm X 48.95mm 
  • Kickstarter starter
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Wet, multi-disc clutch with formula hydraulics
  • WP XACT PDS mono-shock rear suspension
  • 240mm disc front brake
  • 210mm disc rear brake
  • 278mm front suspension travel
  • 362mm ground clearance
  • 890mm seat height
  • Weight: 68kg without fuel

Key Features

2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16 price
Source: KTM
  • Optimized balancing to reduce vibrations.
  • Light crankshaft.
  • New 19/16-wheel combination for advancing racers.
  • Improved wool packing reduces the bike’s weight.
  • Compact diaphragm spring with better performance.
  • 43mm WP XACT front fork with a design that ensures an easy adjustment when riding on any terrain.
  • Progressive damping system technology on the rear shock and excellent bump absorption and stability for riders.
  • Better mass centralization with its aluminium subframe.
  • High-end black coated rims.
  • The airbox allows air filter changes without necessarily using tools.
  • One of the fastest on tracks
  • High-performance harmonics engine
  • Designed for kids and even teens and can also accommodate lightweight newcomers
  • The optimized frame provides a great feeling to the rider as it is designed to soak up big hits
  • Handlebars can be adjusted to suit riders’ preferences
  • Provides maximum stability with the lowest possible weight
  • Sleek looking and appeals to the eye
  • Less durable
  • More costly to fix and maintain

2020 KTM 85 SX 17/14 Review and Specs

2020 KTM 85 SX 17/14, 85cc KTM dirt bikes

The 2020 KTM 85 SX 17/14 dirt bike is a great kids dirt bike for 7-10 year olds. With this KTM dirt bike, your child will have a taste of the big league of motocross fun and even be able to venture into the pro circuit if they would like to. The whole KTM 85 SX 17/14 design imitates the big KTM bike range following in the footsteps of the champions. The mini warrior (KTM 85) is light in weight with a high-quality frame that houses a brilliant engine improving its performance and rideability. 

The 2020 model (and the 2020 KTM 85) has a new transmission drive shaft fixing for better sprocket fixation which is safer. Its muffler has been reworked with better packing wool to reduce the overall weight of the motorcycle. 

KTM 85 SX 17/14 Seat height, Weight and Specs: 

2020 KTM 85 SX 17/14, 85cc KTM dirt bikes
Source: KTM
  • 84.9 cc displacement
  • Single-cylinder two-stroke engine
  • Bore x Stroke: 47mm X 48.95mm 
  • Kickstarter starter
  • 6-speed transmission
  • 13:46 final drive
  • Wet, multi-disk clutch with formula hydraulics
  • WP XACT PDS mono-shock rear suspension
  • 278mm front suspension travel
  • 305mm rear suspension travel
  • 240mm in diameter disc front brake
  • 210mm in diameter disc rear brake
  • 336mm ground clearance
  • 865mm seat height
  • Weight: 67kg without fuel
  • 5.2 litre fuel capacity

Key Features

KTM 85 SX 17/14 seat height
  • The new design gives a ready to race look to match the full-size (KTM) SX range.
  • Reworked wool packing reduces the weight of the bike by 40g.
  • With innovative power valve system, the cylinder is designed to be adjustable and to increase torque and controllability.
  • Lightweight crankshaft to offer inertia for peak torque.
  • The crankshaft is designed with shafts close enough to the centre of gravity.
  • Hydroformed chromium-molybdenum tubed, high-tech frame for comfort.
  • Compared to a coil spring design clutch, Its diaphragm spring clutch is more compact.
  • Sophisticated air spring design for easy adjustment on rough terrain.
  •  The cooling system has two radiators and specially designed shrouds for efficient cooling.
  • Airbox designed like larger SX models allowing the rider to change the air filter without tools.
  • High-performance harmonics engine
  • Best for 15-year old’s as well as lightweight newcomers to the class
  • Its optimized frame provides a great feeling to the rider as it is designed to soak up big hits
  • Quality handlebars, seats and footpegs
  • Not easy to fix or maintain
  • Less durable

2020 KTM 65 SX Review and Specs

2020 KTM 65 SX specs review

Young riders between 8 and 12 years can enjoy this fully-fledged 65cc kids’ dirt bike. The KTM 65 SX features AER technology, power delivery, and WP XACT front forks that set the pace in its class. Just like its superior counterparts, the bike has excellent dynamics, quality equipment, and craftsmanship that will provide winning performance for your child. The bike is best for riders who want to move to the next level of racing. Ignition has been reworked for improved performance for the 2020 model of this dirt bike. As well as this the carburetor has been adapted to provide more power.

KTM 65 SX Specs: 

2020 KTM 65 SX specs review
Source: KTM
  • Single-cylinder two-stroke engine
  • 64.9 cc displacement
  • Bore x Stroke: 45mm x 40.8mm
  • Kickstarter starter
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Wet multi-disc clutch with formula hydraulics
  • Double cradle, central-tube frame
  • Mikuni VM 24 fuel system
  • 14:48 final drive
  • AET digital ignition
  • WP XACT upside-down fork, front suspension
  • WP XACT mono-shock rear suspension
  • 215mm front suspension travel
  • 270mm rear suspension travel
  • 198mm diameter front disc brake
  • 160mm diameter rear disc brake
  • 64.5 degrees steering head angle
  • 750mm seat height
  • 3.5-litre fuel tank
  • Weight: 53kg without fuel

Key Features

KTM 65 sx specs, best dirt bike for 10 year olds
Source: KTM
  • Ignition curve has been reworked to improve performance.
  • Ready to race look.
  • The by-track is fitted with an alternative needle to fine-tune options for different conditions.
  • Light front fork for riders to easily make adjustments.
  • Sleek body for ultimate comfort and control.
  • Chromium-molybdenum steel frame for easy cornering.
  • Two-stroke technology cutting edge, 6-speed transmission, and a hydraulic clutch.
  • Black anodized aluminium rims for durability.
  • Superb grip in rough terrains by the MAXXIS knobby tyres.
  • The bike is fitted with four-piston clippers that grip both the front and rear disc brakes.
  • The progressive damping technology on WP XACT mono-shock ensures stability and maximum damping characteristics.
  • Easy to fine-tune for different tracks
  • Lighter in weight
  • With ready to race ergonomics, one can ride harder for longer
  • Freedom of movement for the rider while riding
  • Guaranteed maximum stability and strength
  • Takes time to get comfortable with it, especially if upgrading dirt bike

2020 KTM 50 SX Review and Specs

KTM 50, KTM 50sx

The KTM 50 SX 2020 is a fantastic KTM for riders aged 3 to 6 years old, who are taking their first steps into the world of motocross racing. It features a revolutionary WP XACT front fork with AER technology, cool colour, and rear suspension that can be easily adjusted. 

The KTM 50 SX, just like the rest in its family, comes with top-quality components. The power delivery is steady, the automatic clutch is ideal for beginners, and above all, it ensures budding riders concentrate on the essentials and learn the basic skills very fast.

KTM 50 SX Specs:

KTM 50 specs, 2020 ktm 50 price
Source: KTM
  • Single-cylinder two-stroke engine.
  • 49 cc displacement.
  • Bore x stroke: 39.5 x 40.0 mm.
  • Kick starter.
  • 6-speed transmission system.
  • Fuel; Premix @60:1 lubrication.
  • Front brake: 160 mm.
  • Rear brake: 160 mm.
  • Adjustable centrifugal clutch.
  • Wheelbase: 91.44 cm.
  • Rake: 23.6 degrees.
  • Seat height: 684 mm.
  • Ground clearance: 18.288 cm.
  • Fuel capacity: 2.3 litres.
  • Curb weight inclusive of oil, petrol, etc.: 41.7 Kg.

Key Features:

KTM 50 SX horsepower and specs, 2020
Source: KTM
  • The new graphics designed to match the SX range’s full-size bikes give a racing appearance.
  • The aluminium swingarm characteristics provide more stability and ease of chain adjustment.
  • The ultra-light WP XACT 35mm fork can be adjusted easily so that it fits different track conditions and the requirements of different riders. 
  • The crankshaft is kept close to the centre of gravity by the 3-stroke engine and this allows for quick handling and increased room for reed valve angle.
  • The slim profile of the KTM 50 SX, is perfect for efficient ergonomics and handling.
  • Lightweight aluminium discs combined with the hydraulic brakes give powerful feedback that can be controlled by riders of all skill levels.
  • Acceleration can be adjusted -without tools- to fit any track conditions in a matter of minutes. This acceleration is provided for by the centrifugal multi-disc automatic clutch. 
  • The black, super light aluminium rims match the MAXXIS tyres perfectly for maximum grip. 
  • The air-filter removable – simple but efficient
  • Lighter and more powerful than its counterparts
  • It takes corners well, the handling is balanced
  • The two-stroke is modern and fast
  • It loses stability at high speed

2020 KTM 50 SX Mini Review and Specs

kts 50 review and specs

When stepping into the world of MX, KTM 50 SX Mini 2020 should definitely be one of your first choices. This is because it incorporates most of the KTM 50 SX technology but with smaller wheels, a lower seat, and a friendlier power delivery. 

The high-quality components and innovative technology used to build this bike make it the best for the smallest of racers. The engine delivers steady power with an automatic clutch that is very suitable for novice riders. Additionally, it features a powerful, WP XACT front fork and shock absorber so that it can make going fast fun.

The graphics on this bike are also super cool. 

Source: KTM

KTM 50 SX Mini Specs:

  • Displacement: 49cc.
  • 2-stroke, 1-cylinder engine type. 
  • Bore x stroke: 39.5 x 40 mm. 
  • Kick starter.
  • Single-speed automatic transmission system.
  • Frame design: double-cradle with central-tube frame.
  • Front suspension travel: 100mm.
  • Rear suspension: 14.7 cm.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • Front and rear suspension travel: 100m x 147mm
  • Ground clearance: 18.4 cm.
  • Seat height: 55.8 cm.
  • Capacity: 2.1 litres.
  • Weight inclusive of oil, petrol, etc.: 40 Kg.

Key Features

  • The outstanding telescopic forks from WP Suspension provide outstanding stability when riding.
  • The aluminium ergonomic handlebars also provide maximum support and provide high levels of stability.
  • The black lightweight aluminium rims are matched perfectly with the tires for maximum grip.
  • The rear and front hydraulic brake give powerful feedback that allows kids of any skill level to have complete control of the bike. 
  • KTM 50 SX Mini’s slim profile makes the handling of the bike quite easy.
  • The engine has been designed in a way that keeps the crankshaft close to the centre of the bike, proving enough room for optimized reed valve angle, improved performance, and quick handling.
  • This bike is lighter than most 4-strokes
  • It can be detuned by adjusting the clutch engagement
  • Very fast
  • Longevity; kids do not outgrow the bike fast
  • It might be too fast for a beginner
  • Requires more maintenance
  • It is very loud