Family​ Motorbike Riding Holidays

One of the wonderful things about teaching your child to ride motorbikes is that it allows for great family dirt bike holidays. There are lots of great places in Australia where you can camp or caravan while also having the family ride motorbikes. These places have varying facilities. At some of them, you’ll need to “rough it” as there aren’t installed toilets or showers. At other places, you’ll have toilets showers and drinking water. At these places where you can motorbike ride and stay overnight, you are saved the hassle of fully packing up your bikes and gear each night. This can make the holiday a bit more relaxing for your family.

If you are not a camping/caravanning family, but you want to try a motorbiking holiday you might be best to find a good motorbike park with accommodation nearby. While this accommodation might be a little more expensive, it allows you to try out a motorbiking holiday without camping or caravanning or having to purchase all the equipment needed for these activities. (find a pic of motorbiking track with tent/caravan).

One of the holidays that created great memories for me as a child (when I was about 8), was going to a motorbike park in Blackbutt, Queensland where you could ride and camp. My parents and my brother and I set up at one campsite, and another family and their 4 boys set up close by. The tracks at the farm were all different difficulty levels, so all the kids of different ages had really good tracks to ride on. In between rides we could swim in the dam or just hang out together. At night both families got together for dinner around the campfire. In the evening we left all the bikes and gear ready to go for the next morning. It made for a great fun adventure holiday.