Top PW 50 Motorbike Training Wheels

Updated: Jun 03, 2023
kids motorbike with training wheels
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kids motorbike with training wheels

Are you looking for the best motorbike training wheels? Maybe you want to ride your bike with the kids through uneven, rough, and gravel paths. It seems fun, but your kids might not maintain the pace and balance due to the uneven paths. They want to join you on the ride so badly… and you also want them to. So, what’s the best trick? Consider buying them PW 50 Training Wheels.

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Advantages of Peewee 50 Training Wheel


Peewee 50 training wheels are adjustable, so the rider can change to their desired position to maintain the balance based on their competency.


The PW50 training wheels have a larger radius on the wheel, enabling the rider to boost their stability depending on the situation.

Optimum Feel

The training wheels are comfortable and convenient for the rider in that they can absorb any impact on rough terrains. Every beginner gets to enjoy their ride without compromising the feel of dirt bike riding without the training wheels.

Moreover, they are made of rubber which boosts the riding feel and is easy to manoeuver across all terrains.

Easy to install

PW50 comes with a training kit and you have a hardware kit and an instruction guide. Since the gear and equipment are included when buying the wheels, it is easy to install them on your child’s dirt bike.

Throttle Limiter

PW50 comes with a throttle limiter, and you can easily adjust the speed and control how fast your kids go. This is conjunction with the training wheels make for a safer and more stable ride.

Disadvantages of PW50 Wheels

Bad riding habits

Your child might become completely dependent on the training wheels. They might also be a bit reckless in their riding habits since the wheels are more stable and secure, compromising keenness. One of the most common bad habits that kids tend to adopt is not putting down their feet once they stop.

They don’t teach stability

PW 50 training wheels aim to stabilize your kid’s dirt bike. Although it is an advantage for a start, it is also a disadvantage, on the other hand, since they do not train your child how to balance and stabilize themselves. They can also slow the learning process for your youngster.

Reduces Maneuverability

The training wheels hinder a bike’s natural lean while cornering, and this reduces its maneuverability. This is because the training wheels tend to hold your bike in a vertical position, and steering becomes hard.

Can I Buy Universal Training Wheels, or are they specific for PW50?

Yes, you can buy some universal training wheels that fit 50-cc bikes. Some of the universal training wheels you can purchase include;

Hardline Products Wheels- 4-Tots Universal Training Wheel
Universal Training Wheels, KDBH

Finding a compatible training wheel can be a daunting task, more so because most wheels are made only for a particular brand. However, four tots’ universal training wheels are compatible with a majority of the 50-cc bikes. They have a large radius on the wheels that allows better cornering and have a grease fitting.

The wheels are adjustable for various terrains and are also based on the rider’s competency. Their main limitations are that they are not highly durable, and their bearing sometimes have issues. Overall for the price they are a product worth considering.

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Alvey Training Wheels
training wheels for motorcycles

Alvey universal training wheels come in two sets of training wheels that fit different models such as Honda, Baja, Motovox Coolster, and Yamaha. They are mostly used in  50cc & 70cc bikes which makes them compatible with your Yamaha pw50 bike. The wheels allow amateur riders and kids to gain confidence and boost their stability while training.

These universal training wheels come with eight-inch pneumatic tires and all hardware equipment required to get the wheels assembled and functional. Besides, they are easy to install, strong, and durable, making them even more convenient for you.

Further, they are high-quality training wheels supplied by only one authorized dealer, Monster Scooter Parts.

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Factors to consider when choosing training wheels


Good training wheels should provide maximum stability to the kids and beginner riders. Make sure that the wheels have nice stability that will make your child feel happy and comfortable. If the wheel is not stable enough, then buying it translates to money wastage.


Ensure your training wheels have the equipment and an instruction guide to ensure that you have an easy installation process.

Impact absorption

Ensure that you pick rubber-made training wheels since they can easily absorb any rough impact. This ensures that the kids are safe and have a comfortable feel during their ride.


Each child gets to ride the bike on different terrain, and also, not all learners will have the same competency levels. So, ensure you select training wheels that fit all these different situations. In addition, a suitable adjustment will boost the kid’s riding confidence.

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