The 5 Best Kids Motorbike Chest Plates

dirt bike body armour, motorbike gear

In the exciting world of motorsports for kids, safety comes first, especially in junior dirt bike riding. One of the most important protective gears a rider must wear is the chest plate. Also aptly called a chest protector, this piece of armour protects the chest cavity from injuries that can be sustained from the impact of a fall or a crash.

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2021 KTM 50 SX Mini Review and Specs

kids dirt bikes for sale, dirt bike
kids dirt bikes for sale, dirt bike

For the youngest shredders

KTM 50 SX Mini, as the name suggests, is for the youngest shredders who want to take to the tracks from a young age. Built for 4 to 10-year-olds, this bike is the perfect addition to any family. But this small size doesn’t mean it is small in features too because this bike uses pretty much the same technology that powers the big bikes. The only difference is that it has smaller wheels and a lower seat size to suit these young children.

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2021 KTM 50 SX Review and Specs

pit bikes, KTM
SX Range ktm, dirt bikes for 10 year olds

For the young dirt bike riders

KTM 50 SX is designed for young riders, typically between the ages of 4 to 10 years. These bikes mimic the bikes of their older siblings and even dads, but at the same time, it is comfortable enough for them to ride and control easily. This way, the riders can accompany their family on dirt bike trips and races and at the same time, get a hands-on feel of dirt bike riding that could even possibly prepare them for a career in motocross. 

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2021 KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Review and Specs

mini bike, motorbikes for kids
kids dirt bike, motorbikes

For the fastest riders on the planet

KTM 50 SX Factory edition comes with a host of features that make it ideal for those fast riders who compete on some of the most challenging terrains in the world. These bikes are designed to provide the highest performance coupled with the right stability and high-end suspensions to give riders complete control over their bikes.

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