2022 Suzuki RM85L Specs & Bike Review

2022 Suzuki RM85L Specs & Bike Review

With even bigger wheels for better handling and comfort, the 2022 Suzuki RM85L is the bike for first-time motocross racers. In conjunction with the Keihin PE28 carburettor, the high revving 85cc reed valve engine has alloy exhaust valves for more stable combustion.

Suzuki RM85L
Suzuki RM85L

A progressive valve system is used on inverted Showa cartridge forks with damping tuned for the strong rear shock. The braking system is equipped with large discs and twin-piston callipers upfront.

To top it off, you also get the RM85L big wheel, with 19-inch front and 16-inch rear tires, offering a 1,280mm wheelbase and 875mm seat height.

2022 Suzuki RM85L Product Review

A tradition of excellence in motocross racing continues to exist in the line of Suzuki dirt bikes for kids with the 2022 Suzuki RM85. An engine with a two-stroke mechanism provides smooth power regardless of rpm, thanks to its high performance and low-to-mid-range performance. RM85 offers class-leading handling to both experienced racers and first-timers alike, just like its larger RM-Z cousins. If you are in the process of learning to race and trying to win, then the RM85 is the perfect bike for you!

2022 Suzuki RM85L Top Features

Suzuki RM85L
Suzuki RM85L

Key Features

  • Smooth power at any RPM is provided by a liquid-cooled, 84.7cc, 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine.
  • Riders can blast out of any corner with the six-speed transmission and clutch action.
  • Lightweight and nimble handling make it the best in its class.
  • Piggyback reservoir rear shock and fully adjustable Showa inverted forks.
  • This includes the possibility of earning Suzuki contingency and track-side support.

Transmission Features

  • With its six-speed transmission and rack-and-pinion clutch, the RM85 is equipped with smooth shifting.
  • When starting and when driving off corners, the long clutch lever makes it easy to locate and operate the engagement point.
  • The shift drum of this durable transmission features a needle bearing and detent spring on the left side.
  • For precise gear selection, the shift pedal tip is knurled for excellent grip.

Top Chassis Features

  • Performance on the track, especially in the corners, is enhanced by a tubular steel frame with an aluminium beam swingarm. A large front reinforcement plate, large-diameter tubing in key areas, and large-diameter tubing provide rigidity, durability, and straight-line performance.
  • Forks are completely adjustable for ability, rider weight, and style with Showa 37mm inverted-style front forks. With a cartridge damping system and 20 ways of compression damping (guards protect the inner fork tubes), it has a fully adjustable rebound damping system (which can also be adjusted). The fork legs have 275 mm (10.8 inches) of travel.
  • With their large diameter, Showa shock absorbers have a plush, bottom-resistance feel. There is an adjustable compression and rebound damping force adjustment for a wheel travel of 277 mm (10.9 inches).
  • There is a twin-piston calliper brake upfront with a 220mm (8.7-inch) disc and a rear brake with a 200mm (7.9-inch) disc for excellent braking performance.

2022 Suzuki RM85L Specs

Suzuki RM85L
Suzuki RM85L

Engine Features

  • One cylinder, 84.7cc, two-stroke, liquid-cooled, the reed-valve engine is 48.0 mm in bore and 46.8 mm in stroke.
  • With Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM), the cylinder is durable, lightweight, and offers outstanding heat transfer for superior performance.
  • To improve engine performance, the exhaust valves are made of aluminium to best match the expansion rate of the engine cylinder.
  • Good throttle response and overall tractability are provided by the actuator and exhaust valve.
  • A smooth throttle response is provided by the Keihin carburettor (PE28), and it is designed for simplicity in maintenance and tuning.
  • High-rpm engine performance is made possible with digital CDI mapping.
  • All engine speeds are efficiently cooled by the large radiator.

Additional Fork Features

  • The narrow, light, and light-weight brake hoses provide an excellent feel and feedback to the rider. As the front hose runs behind the fork leg, there is no need for a brake hose cover.
  • Rigid rear brake callipers offer reliable braking performance and long pad life, and they are easy to maintain. With its plastic guard, the calliper is less likely to be damaged and lighter.
  • Despite its lightweight design, the rear brake pedal is strong, accurate, and made from forged aluminium alloy.
  • A high-quality foot peg is made of cast chrome-molybdenum steel, not stamped steel, so it is more durable and provides a better grip.
  • It has a professional race look with Champion Yellow bodywork and RM-Z type graphics as well as black fork guards and protectors.
  • The new colour seat features textured surfaces for better knee grip.
  • Wheel sizes of the RM85 comply with AMA 85cc class regulations (Front: 70/100-17; Rear: 90/100-14).

Additional Features

According to California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations, competition motorcycles like the RM85 can only be ridden on non-public lands.

The New 2022 Suzuki RM85L Dimensions

Seat height – 850 mm

Curb weight – 73 kg

Rear Suspension – Link type, coil spring, oil damped, adjustable spring preload

Front Suspension – Telescopic, pneumatic/coil spring, oil damped

Fuel capacity – 5 litres

Ground clearance – 325 mm.

  • Comparatively affordable to other models
  • Includes a bonus race kit worth $1,100 (AUD)
  • Excellent feel at the lever and unmatched braking performance
  • Smooth and confident handling on rough terrain
  • When the revs drop too low, the engine can bog
  • Suspension of lower quality than class leaders

2022 Suzuki RM85L Price

The ride away price of the 2022 Suzuki RM85L will vary slightly depending on the area code, but on average it costs $6190. Be sure to check the Suzuki AU website for more details on specific pricing.

2020 Suzuki RM85L Review and Specs

2020 Suzuki RM85L for sale

If you are a first-time motocross racer, the 2020 Suzuki RM85L is a great bike for you. It has big wheels for better comfort and handling. The high revving 85cc reed valve engine is connected to Keihin PE28 carburettor with alloy exhaust valves that control the exhaust port timing, allowing for controlled combustion. Its braking system has a twin-piston calliper that squashes a 20mm disc and a single-piston floater on the rear.

With a progressive valve system, the front end runs an inverted 37mm Showa open cartridge fork that tunes damping to equalize the strong rear shock. In addition, the RM 85L has 48.3cm front and 40.6cm rear tyres. The wheelbase is 1.280 mm and the seat height is 875mm. The bike comes with graphics to make it look good for competition and a bonus race kit. 

2020 Suzuki RM85L for sale
Source: Suzuki

RM85L Specs:

  • 85cc displacement
  • Primary kick starter
  • Liquid-cooled, 2 stroked reed valve, single-cylinder engine
  • 6-speed constant mesh transmission
  • 37mm Showa inverted cartridge fork, front suspension with rebound damping and adjustable compression
  • Link-type Showa shock rear suspension with adjustable compression 
  • Tokico twin-piston calliper front brakes with 220mm in diameter disc
  • Tokico single-piston calliper rear brakes with 220mm in diameter disc 
  • 5-litre fuel capacity
  • 1280mm wheelbase
  • Weight: 74kg 
  • 875mm seat height

Key Features

  • Two-stroked, 85cc reed valve engine.
  • Suzuki composite electrochemical material ensures durability.
  • Effective heat transfer and weight reduction to improve performance.

Can you Rely on Suzuki RM85L?

Suzuki has chosen to stick with the RM85 lengthy engine production run because it is reliable. It has been tried and tested over time. The RM has been a popular race machine for many young racers for years. People riding the bike have not complained about common mechanical problems. If serviced regularly and kept in good condition, the bike is very reliable. However, if it overheats or if you leave the piston in there for too long without replacement, there can be an engine failure just like other motorcycles.

When should the RM85L be used?

Source: Suzuki

The RM was once a front runner but not anymore. Due to a lack of development, the RM is not up to scratch compared with the industry’s new models. It does not have the same high-quality suspension standards.

It does, however, have its place. While it may not be the best for Australian championships, it may be suitable for an A-grade junior joining the championship. The cheaper price tag is worthwhile for anyone who is on a budget but wants to race competitively. The less aggressive power means it is a good choice for beginners, as it is easier to operate. The RM85L is perfect for kids who enjoy riding with the family, on farms, or just recreationally. While it is not advisable to neglect it, the bike is capable of withstanding a bit more neglect more than most brands do. 

  • Affordable compared to other models
  • Comes with a bonus race kit valued at $1,100 (AUD)
  • Unequalled braking performance that gives excellent feel at the lever
  • Confident and smooth handling on tough terrain
  • It can bog when the revs drop too low
  • Low-quality suspension compared to class leaders

2020 Suzuki JR80 Review

2020 Suzuki JR80 review, jr80 dirt bike review

Age (7-10yrs)

Suzuki JR80 2020 is a next-level ride for your kid. The fuel delivery system has been improved so that it does not require any premixing. It has an easy delivery of power. It has a two-stroke engine that delivers optimum oil injection for excellent lubrication. Its 5-speed transmission puts power smoothly on the ground so when out on the trail, young riders have a reliable extension to their stay without worry. 

Its light-weight feature makes changing directions a walk in the park. The Suzuki J80 has a slim, sleek, and comfortable seat, added to single-shock rear suspension matched with 5 selectable preload settings that can be changed to suit your kids’ size and weight.

Suzuki JR80 Top Speed

The top speed of the 2020 Suzuki JR80 is about 84 Km/h.


2020 Suzuki JR80 review, jr80 dirt bike review
Source: Suzuki
  • 5-speed transmission, constant mesh
  • 2-stroke, air-cooled engine 
  • Fuel capacity; 4.1 litres
  • Engine displacement; 79cc
  • Brakes, front and rear drum
  • Kick starter system 


  • The 79cc, 2-stroke engine provides smooth and dependable power delivery
  • Pointless Electric Ignition (PEI) for an easy simple kick start
  • Suzuki Cylinder and Crank Ignition System (SCCIS) 
  • 5-speed manual transmission for smooth shifting
  • Front and rear shock absorbers 
  • 30.48cm rear and 35.56cm front tire
  • Overall lightweight and slim design for improved stability
  • Sporty and refined
  • Very trendy design
  • Affordable
  • Good quality/price ratio
  • The engine is noisy sometimes
  • Low engine power on some models

2020 Suzuki DR-Z50 Review

2020 Suzuki DR-Z50 specs, drz50 review

Suzuki DR-Z50 

Age (Minimum of 7yrs)

The 2020 Suzuki DR-Z50 has an overall improved braking performance. The brakes are adjustable to fit a variety of hand sizes. The riding position leans slightly forward for maximum mobility. 

This Suzuki DR-Z50 is relatively new, having replaced the Suzuki DR-Z70 recently. It is a class dirt bike as it is arguably one of the best kids’ bikes in the market. It has a combination of both kick and electric starters. Young riders will have an easy push start button with this bike given by the electric starter while at the same time learning how to kick start at the same time. 

To be honest, a kick start is important when batteries run low or when starter motors gunk up. 

US Specifications

2020 Suzuki DR-Z50 specs, drz50 review
  • Electric and kick start system
  • Transmission 3-speed constant mesh
  • Weight; 54kg
  • Engine 49cc


  • 3-speed clutchless gearbox
  • Punchy 4-stroke
  • Has a keyed ignition
  • Throttle limiter controls and minimizes speed
  • A low seat height of 55.88 cm for improved stability
  • Durable brakes and suspension 
  • Comes in one eye-catching yellow
  • Useful electric and kick start enabled
  • An easy to operate 3-speed gearbox that can build confidence with young riders
  • The spark-arrestor exhaust quite environmentally friendly
  • It is hard to find cheaper replacement parts as the Suzuki DR-Z50 are not as plentiful in the market as other brands
  • Are more expensive than similar Japanese bikes even though they have the same or lesser features available

2019 Suzuki JR80 Review

2019 Suzuki JR80, kids dirt bike review

Age group 7-10

Built for riders with some riding experience, the 2019 Suzuki JR80 is an ideal dirt bike to transition to once your child has learnt to ride. It’s a great 2-stroke bike with plenty of pickup and power for a young rider. The 5-speed transmission gives plenty of opportunities for its rider to make the most of its power. The JR80 is better for more confident riders with its manual clutch, no throttle limitation and kick start options. 

The JR80 has a good oil injection system, meaning that you don’t have to mix 2-stroke oil in with your fuel. The bike automatically mixes the fuel and oil in the correct ratios. This makes it easier if for the person maintaining the bike. Spare parts are also readily available for this bike.

This bike is a lot of fun to ride, it’s easy to maintain and perfect to manoeuvre. It’s a good buy for someone that has already taken the first steps in learning how to ride. 

2019 Suzuki JR80 specifications:

2019 Suzuki JR80, kids dirt bike review

Engine: 2-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled

Starter: primary kick

Transmission: 5-speed constant mesh

Front suspension: Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped

Rear suspension: link type, spring preload 5-way adjustable

Both brakes: drum

Weight: 65kg

Seat height: 685mm (adjustable, this is its lowest setting)

Bore and stroke: 49.0mm x 42.0 mm

Fuel capacity: 4.1L

2019 Suzuki JR80 Features:

  • Dependable engine that guarantees sound power transmission
  • Easy to start with it newly advanced pointless electronic ignition
  • Good shock absorbers making riding easy and enjoyable
  • Mixes fuel and oil automatically taking away one of the common hassles of a two-stroke bike

2019 Suzuki DR-Z50 Review

2020 Suzuki DR-Z50, kids bike reviews

Age group: 7 and above

The Suzuki DR-Z50 is a great beginner’s dirt bike. It has an automatic clutch and is a three-speed, 4-stroke. The Suzuki DR-Z50 dirt bike has an electric and kick start system and a perfect seat height for the youngest of the group (560mm seat height). This dirt bike has a very reliable braking system, a good weight to enable the kids to control it well and it also has a good shock absorber. The Suzuki DR-Z50 also has a throttle limiter which is great for training purposes. Another feature of this little bike is an adjustable front brake lever. This allows for the brake lever to be adjusted to suit different sized riders.
This motorbike is built with the knowledge that kids grow fast, so they’ll get great use out of this bike, before passing this reliable bike onto the next generation. 

DR-Z50 specifications:

2019 Suzuki DR-Z50, kids bike reviews
Source: Suzuki

Engine: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, OHC, air-cooled
Starter: Electric and kick
Transmission: 3-speed with automatic clutch
Front suspension: Coil spring, inverted telescopic
Rear suspension: Oil Damped, Coil spring, Swing arm.
Front and Rear Brakes: Drum
Fuel capacity: 3 Litres
Seat Height: 560mm
Weight: 54Kg


Electric or kick start option
Four cylinders
Three-speed transmission – great for kids that are just starting out
Low Seat height (560mm)
Reasonable weight (54Kg)
Throttle can be adjusted to limit the speed
Perfect first bike – robust and sturdy