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2022 Suzuki JR80 Review & Specs

Updated: Dec 12, 2023
2022 Suzuki JR80
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2022 Suzuki JR80

The 2022 Suzuki JR80 is a dirt bike for kids who have graduated from their ‘first’ bike. The new model promises to be a more advanced version of its predecessor. It has a powerful two-stroke engine. Suzuki oil injection provides optimal lubrication and eliminates the need for premixing fuel. The power is delivered smoothly to the ground through a 5-speed transmission.

Although the 2022 JR80 is not the latest model. We have left this review live on our site as we know how valuable a 2nd hand dirt bike can be. Read the latest Suzuki JR80 review.

Should You Buy The 2022 Suzuki JR80 For Your Kids?

Suzuki’s easy maintenance and reliability make it easy for young riders to stay on the trails longer.

The lightweight kids’ design makes changing directions easy. The slim, sleek, and comfortable seat is inspired by motocross. A single-shock rear suspension ensures a smooth ride on a variety of terrains due to its five selectable preload settings.

A Bit More About Suzuki Dirt Bikes For Kids

Founded in 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works, the company became incorporated in 1920. SUZUKI has grown steadily and expanded since its foundation in Hamamatsu, Japan.

In the post-W.W.II period, they launched their motorized bike ‘Power free’* followed by their 125cc motorcycle ‘Colleda’. Later they introduced the pioneering ‘Suzulight’* lightweight car that helped bring the automotive revolution to Japan.

Considering the bikes were developed, manufactured, and optimized using the most advanced technologies available at the time, each of these was an epochal event in its own right.

The SUZUKI brand is now seen on a full range of motorcycles, automobiles, outboard motors, as well as motorized wheelchairs and other related products.

People around the world recognize Suzuki as a brand of reliable, original products. The company is firmly committed to maintaining this reputation in the future as well, never stopping in creating such advanced ‘value-packed products’.

The 2022 Suzuki JR80 Top Features

Air-Cooled Engine

The JR80’s 79cc, 2-stroke engine delivers smooth power and dependability, allowing you to develop confidence. Making this the perfect dirt bike for kids.

Bodywork That Inspires Confidence

This kids’ dirt bike has sporty and refined off-road styling. Which is presented by smooth surface lines extending from the fuel tank cover to the rear fender. It also helps your young rider to learn weight shifting techniques.

Injection System For Oil

Suzuki’s Cylinder & Crank Injection System (CCIS) eliminates the need to mix oil and fuel manually.


The front tire measures 2.50-14-4pr and the rear tire measures 3.00-12-4pr. An expanding brake (drum brake) in the front, as well as the rear, was used for stopping. A telescoping coil spring was used for the front suspension, while a link type, 5-way adjustable spring preload was used for the rear suspension. 

A fuel tank of 1.08 gallons (4.10 litres) was fitted to the JR80. Weighing just 127.87 lbs (58.0 kg), the JR80 was very light. And a wheelbase measuring 41.34 inches (1050 mm).

2022 Suzuki JR80 Specs

Wheels That Fit Perfectly

JR80 is equipped with 14-inch front wheels and 12-inch rear wheels, the perfect size for advanced riders.


Five-speed manual transmissions allow the rider to control the engine’s output and learn motorcycle gear shifting techniques. 

Sturdy Shocks 

Shock absorbers with oil dampening at the front and rear make riding enjoyable and comfortable. There are five preloaded settings for the mono-shock rear suspension. Making it perfect for kids of all heights, and sizes.

Comes With A Sleek And Stylish Design

As well as having a sporty and refined off-road design, the fuel tank cover, seat, and rear fender have smooth surface lines to assist with weight shifting and balance.

The New 2022 Suzuki JR80 Dimensions

Seat height – 685 mm

Curb weight – 65 kg (without fuel)

Rear Suspension – Link type, rear shock with adjustable spring preload

Front Suspension – Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped

Fuel capacity – 4.1 litres

Ground clearance – 195 mm

Length – 1,540 mm

Width – 730 mm

Height – 915 mm

Wheelbase – 1,050 mm

Front Brake – Drum (expanding)

Rear Brake – Drum (expanding)

Pros & Cons of The New 2022 Suzuki JR80 Bike

Cool trendy designThere are times when the engine is noisy
AffordableSome models have low engine power
Good price-to-quality ratio

2022 Suzuki JR80 Price

Depending on where you live, the price of the 2022 Suzuki JR80 will differ slightly, but it has an average ride-away price of $2790. Be sure to check the Suzuki AU website for more details on specific pricing.

Bottom Line

2022 Suzuki JR80

The Suzuki JR80 is designed for young riders in the age bracket of 7-10 who have outgrown their “first bike”. With a 2-stroke engine that provides plenty of power, the 5-speed transmission puts the power to good use. With its easy maintenance and reliability, the JR80 is great for trail riding or playing at your favourite holiday destination. 

To sum up, the price is a ride away. The riding is next level. The 2022 Suzuki JR80 young rider is making progress twice as fast. Featuring a 5-speed transmission and clutch, two-stroke power without premix, 5 preload settings to fit the needs of growing riders, and point-free electronic ignition for easy starts, this motorcycle has been manufactured for over a decade.

A few of the features of the 2022 Suzuki JR80 include:

  • Power is delivered smoothly and dependably by the 79cc 2-stroke engine with a power reed intake system.
  • A kick of the pedal is all that is required to start the Pointless Electronic Ignition (PEI).
  • The Suzuki Cylinder and Crank Injection System (CCIS) eliminates the need for manual fuel and oil mixing.
  • Five-speed manual transmissions allow the rider to control the engine’s output and learn motorcycle gear shifting techniques.
  • Comfortable and enjoyable rides are made possible by front and rear oil-damped shock absorbers. There are five preload settings for different rider weights on the mono-shock rear suspension.
  • The front tyres are 14 inches, and the rear ones are 12 inches.
  • The overall design is slim, lightweight, with a 685mm high, the slim seat offers maximum manoeuvrability.
  • Sporty and refined off-road styling is presented by the smooth surface lines extending from the fuel tank cover to the seat and the rear fender.

The 2022 Suzuki JR80 is a must-have!

Images sourced from Suzuki

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