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Kids Motocross Neck Braces

Kids Motocross Neck Braces have been developed to help provide neck protection in case of an accident. As with all dirt bike safety gear, they cannot protect against or prevent all neck injuries from a dirt bike accident. 

I personally have never used a neck guard or neck braces, but this may have been a mistake on my behalf. Many dirt bike racing bodies now recommend that kids use neck braces when dirt bike riding. 

If you wish to purchase a new neck brace, I have listed some of the top-rated Amazon neck braces to wear while dirt bike riding. Many of the following kid’s neck braces have had lots of reviews from consumers who have purchased them. This may be the best way to form an opinion on whether this product is suitable and safe for protecting your child when dirt bike riding.

Top Rated Kids Motocross Neck Braces (Dirt Bike Neck Braces)

ImageProductDetails  Price
91T VK2MISL. AC SX679EVS Sports R4 Race Collar (Black, Youth)
Adjustable rear strut for a customized fitCheck Price
61KpqM5yn1L. AC UL640 QL65KESOTO Kids Youth Universal Race Collar Neck Brace Motocross Quad BikeComfortable to wear. Flame-Retardant, windproof. Excellent flexibility and high elasticityCheck Price
51YpEUt7p L. AC UL640 QL65EVS Sports Black Youth Race Collar

Removable and washable linerCheck Price

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