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2022 OSET 20 LITE Review and Specs

Updated: Mar 20, 2023
2022 OSET 20 LITE
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2022 OSET 20 LITE

With the 2022 OSET 20 Lite, riders seeking maximum run time will have the machine of choice. Because of its reduced weight and superior performance, this is often the bike that parents and riders choose to enter competitions. 

You can adjust the power and response to suit your riding style. For its sheer versatility and fun, this bike is loved by kids and adults alike for its fully adjustable suspension.

This lithium-powered, 2022 OSET 20 LITE motorbike was meticulously designed to help the rider develop and enhance their motorbike skills and confidence. Electricity has no hot parts, requires no gas, produces no fumes, and is virtually silent. Thus, it can be used in places inaccessible to other bicycles.

The 2022 OSET 20 LITE Top Features

  • With discharging, charging, & diagnostic ports, the OSET battery provides up to 20Ah at 48V
  • New graphics for the MKII – ‘Electric Bolt’
  • An integrated magnetic lanyard switch, thin grips, a padded chin guard, and a strong frame guarantee safety
  • Whenever a break is needed, the parent can easily remove the separate key switch!
  • Competition motorcycle tire with deep tread and 3″ wide OSET wide rear rim
  • Lightweight alloy swingarm, alloy sprocket, and alloy sprocket carrier for easy gear shifting
  • Our exclusive ‘3-dial’ controller lets parents adjust the bike’s speed, power, and response characteristics easily
  • Various settings are available, ranging from a very mellow machine at a walking pace and low power to a highly competitive machine with extremely high power
  • OSET was created to become the best bike for young riders! Away from technology, your kids will have time to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with their dad.

The New 2022 OSET 20 LITE Dimensions

Seat height – 550 mm

Curb weight – 34.7kg

Front Suspension – telescopic fork with adjustable air/spring.

Rear Suspension – adjustable preload shock

Ground clearance – 290 mm

Battery – 1 x OSET 20Ah, 48V Lithium battery with a charging, discharging, and diagnostic port.

Height – 860 mm

Wheelbase – 1050 mm

Front Brake – 160mm hydraulic disc

Rear Brake – 160mm hydraulic disc

Pros & Cons of The New 2022 OSET 20 LITE Bike

A large set of black footpegs makes the bike more comfortable for young riders. The footrests are large enough for young riders’ feet to rest comfortably.Unless you are a tall teenager, the OSET 20 LITE is not a good choice. It is also not suitable for children over 50 kilograms.
Featuring 20″ and 14″ alloy rims on the front and back for maximum performance, the 2022 OSET 20 LITE is a medium-sized bike.Children under the age of eight are not allowed to ride the bike, so younger riders are at a disadvantage.
The bike is powered by a durable, 48V lithium battery with a capacity of 20 amp hours.
Teenagers of all abilities can enjoy it, including those who are riding for the first time. No special skills are necessary to handle the bike.
A teenager can easily reach the handlebars of this bike thanks to its short handlebar height. In addition, it encourages riders to become more confident while riding in all weather conditions.
Maximum speed is provided by the 1200W motor. The sprockets are hardened and the chain is strong.
Because it only requires charging, it requires little service and maintenance.
The bike does not have clutches, so teenage riders do not have to learn how to use one. In addition, there is no risk of stalling.
Avid hydraulic disc brakes are fitted to both the rear and full-length of this bike.
Fuel is not used, so it is environmentally friendly.

2022 OSET 20 LITE Price

Depending on where you live, the price of the 2022 OSET 20 LITE will differ, but the average ride-away price is $5200 nationwide. For a direct quote, contact their sales team in your area via the OSET AU website.

Bottom Line

With its introduction in 2022, the OSET 20 LITE was a revelation. Today, riders and their parents still use it for their first trials and OSET Cup competitions. OSET designed the parts to make it suitable for young riders. The components of the bike are designed to ensure that it is functional, ergonomically correct, and capable of growing with the rider.

The 2022 OSET 20 LITE is the ideal bike for children to learn and improve motorbike skills since it has no hot parts, no gas, and no fumes. Unlike other bikes, the 20.0 Lite contains no hot parts so it can be used anywhere, every day. The resale value of the OSET is not a coincidence after it has been used. They are built to last.

OSET 20 LITE is the dirt bike to watch in 2022!

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