Kids Dirt Bike FAQ’S

What happens if my kid doesn’t fit a particular dirt bike?

Sometimes you may have bought a bike according to your kid’s age bracket but they fit it. You may also want to start your kid early on riding usually below four years old. There are ways you could deal with this situation.

Some dirt bikes are adjustable.

You can adjust the bike by lowering its suspension. The handlebars will, in turn, be lowered allowing your child to ride comfortably until they grow bigger. Once they fit, the suspension can be raised. Alternatively, visit your nearest motorcycle shops where they offer cutting seat services so that your kid can fit the bike. Another way is to buy the starter bike training wheels that give your kids confidence as they learn other basic riding skills.

When do I move up the power?

Later when your kid has learned the basics and has ridden for a while, they might want to move up in power. It is best to move up the power when: 

  • Your kid is rapidly growing 
  • They want to try motocross racing
  • They need a bike with larger wheels, improved suspension and brakes
  • They need to learn how to operate a manual clutch

Bear in mind that moving up in power does not necessarily mean that you get a bike with a bigger power engine displacement. A difference is made with even a smaller increase in power engine or additional features like clutch and gears that they may need.

Should I go for a two-stroke or four-stroke engine type?

As we had mentioned above, four-stroke engines will be best for your kids if they are just starting out. A four-stroke engine will give power with every two rotations of the crankshaft while a two-stroke engine will give out power for every one rotation of the crankshaft. For this reason, a four-stroke engine accelerates smoothly reducing the scary stop-starts while operating the throttle.

On the other hand, a two-stroke engine has more power compared to the bike’s weight. Besides, when dealing with a two-stroke engine type, you will be required to pre-mix oil and petrol before filling the tank. This is because most two-strokes are lubricated by the fuel mix. In addition, two-strokes are more difficult to control at lower speeds compared to four-strokes hence two-strokes are preferred for kids’ motocross. If your kids are learning rapidly, a two-stroke might be a good choice but when they enjoy recreational riding then a four-stroke is the way to go.

Is Dirt Bike Riding For Kids Dangerous

Bike riding is becoming a very popular sport among kids. There are people who think it’s dangerous while others think it is fun. It is a fun family hobby and brings about a sense of togetherness. You might be rightly cautious about letting your kids ride a dirt bike given the stories that you might have heard.

Remember, other than buying your kid a dirt bike, you must remember to buy safety gear for them. Keep aside a little bit of money to make sure you invest in good quality safety equipment. There is affordable riding gear that will not have you breaking the bank. They are affordable and very efficient at the same time.

Keep in mind that the best dirt bike riding gear fits well, is comfortable and doesn’t come in the way of your kids riding. Observe all precautions as you fit your kid with the safety gears and don’t forget to supervise them constantly. If you do, the risk of having an accident will be greatly reduced.