2022 Yamaha TT-R50E Product Review & Specs

2022 Yamaha TT-R50E

Juniors will love the new 2022 Yamaha TT-R50E.

The design of this rider-friendly mini-bike is geared toward creating a fun and enjoyable experience for four to seven-year-olds. TT-R50E’s electric start 4-stroke engine (50cc) comes with a semi-automatic gearbox. For added parental control, the engine can only be started by the ignition key.

Featuring blue bodywork inspired by Yamaha’s GP-winning MX bikes, long-travel suspension, and knobby tyres, the TT-R50E is ready for hours of fun for everyone.

2022 Yamaha TT-R50E
2022 Yamaha TT-R50E

About The Brand

Having dreams, aiming high, believing in one’s potential, and giving one’s all… Yamaha Motors has created new frontiers with a spirit of challenge as its driving force since it was founded in 1955.

Our corporate culture soon evolved from this spirit, and it now permeates every one of our employees’ hearts.

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2022 Yamaha TT-R110E Review and Specs

TTR 110 E
2022 TT-R110E

The 2022 Yamaha TT-R110E is a combination of performance and style. Yamaha’s YZ bike series has inspired its unique, stylish structure. On top of looks, it offers exceptional comfort for riders. The semi-automatic gearbox and strong performance 110cc engine enhance its appeal.

This is a perfect bike for riders graduating from the small bikes with 50-80cc transmissions. Its long-travel rear and front suspensions contribute to its ease of use. Also, it is easy to ride the TT-R110E because there is no clutch. Here is a cross-examination on what the bike offers;

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2022 Yamaha PW50 Review and Specs

Best 50cc dirt bike
PW50 Review

It is exciting for young bike enthusiasts how a fully automatic transmission 2022 Yamaha PW50 will look like. This is a world-renowned bike that ensures young riders have fun-filled experiences.

Yamaha PW50 is affordable and fantastic. The price makes it one of the bestsellers in the industry. The 2022 Yamaha PW50 has been improved to give young champions an excellent riding experience. 

Let’s break down the specific features, specs, pros, and cons of this fantastic mini-bike.

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2022 Yamaha YZ85LW Review and Specs

Best Yamaha Dirt Bike for kids
2022 Yamaha YZ85LW

Future champions have always looked at YZ85 as the mini race bike of choice. The high-performance two-stroke engine, top-shelf suspension, and fun, light, and elegant structure make Yamaha YZ85LW (Large Wheel) a powerful ride with big-bike specs. 

Strength and rigidity have been optimized by improvements on the rear wheel axle, swingarm, and mainframe. Like other bikes in the YZ series, YZ85LW’s styling provides stability and agility when handling. Is the YZ85LW a game-changer in the racing industry? Here is a cross-examination of the bike and what it brings.

You can read our 2021 YZ 85LW review/specs/guide here.

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2022 Yamaha YZ85 Specs and Review

2022 YZ 85
2022 Yamaha YZ85

Winning a race or having a fascinating experience on the motocross tracks demand a high-performance dirt bike with solid features – the 2022 Yamaha YZ85 is quite promising. It comes with an advanced 85cc two-stroke engine that unleashes enough power to conquer the road in the motocross world.

More than that, it features improved rider ergonomics such as a flatter seat, narrow tank design, slimmer side covers, and symmetrically sized radiator shrouds. These features give the rider much movement freedom, a smooth body weight shift, and excellent machine control. 

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2022 Yamaha YZ65 Review and Specs

2022 YZ65
2022 Yamaha YZ 65 motorbike

As one of the models in the YZ series, the 2022 Yamaha YZ65 offers youth riders the ultimate performance, reliability, and durability. It features race-bred specifications like a slick-shifting gearbox that enhance a smooth gear change. Even better, its adjustable front suspension, rear suspension, and powerful wave-type disc brakes give it a winning DNA in the world of motocross.  

More than that, the aesthetics, 6-speed engine, and the general YZ-styling provides high agility and stable handling. But, can the 2022 Yamaha YZ65 be the perfect motorbike for your kid?

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2022 Kawasaki KLX110R Review and Specs

Kawasaki KLX110R
2022 Kawasaki KLX110R Review and Specs

Kawasaki’s 2022 version of the KLX110R is a relatively new dirt bike, yet it has the potential to facilitate the transition of young riders to the next level. In Australia, you can ride the 110R on bush tracks or at a motocross park. It is a great progressor bike for those who have previously owned a smaller Kawasaki dirt bike, as well as a great starter bike for an older child or teen who is just learning to ride. 

In addition to an adaptive throttle limiter, four-speed transmission system with automatic clutch, lower chain guard, several heat shields, and a lower chain guard, any mini-motor enthusiast will enjoy using the new 2022 Kawasaki KLX110R. 

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2021 Yamaha PW50 Review and Specs

dirt bike 50cc, 50cc minibike
trials bikes, yamaha dirt bikes
Source: Yamaha

Ideal For the Youngest dirt bike Riders

Yamaha PW 50 is an excellent choice for those looking to buy mini dirt bikes for their kids to accompany them on bike trails or get them used to riding dirt bikes. These bikes are designed for young kids, so they come with many convenient features like semi-automatic gears to avoid changing gears and easy handling.

It has many safety features as well, such as an adjustable throttle to control the top speed and an enclosed shaft for quick maintenance. 

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