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2022 Kawasaki KLX110R Review and Specs

Updated: Oct 02, 2023
Kawasaki KLX110R
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Kawasaki KLX110R
2022 Kawasaki KLX110R Review and Specs

Kawasaki’s 2022 version of the KLX110R is a relatively new dirt bike, yet it has the potential to facilitate the transition of young riders to the next level. In Australia, you can ride the 110R on bush tracks or at a motocross park. It is a great progressor bike for those who have previously owned a smaller Kawasaki dirt bike, as well as a great starter bike for an older child or teen who is just learning to ride. 

In addition to an adaptive throttle limiter, four-speed transmission system with automatic clutch, lower chain guard, several heat shields, and a lower chain guard, any mini-motor enthusiast will enjoy using the new 2022 Kawasaki KLX110R. 

Those with the right size hands can ride the KLX110R because its lightweight, lively engine is ideal. Because of its proportions, it wouldn’t be obvious that it’s a minibike from the photos. However, the saddle is not big enough to accommodate an adult, but it is suitable for children. 

Beginners will find it easy to ride the KLX110R since it has an electric starter and a kill switch. What’s even better is that a lack of power isn’t a major issue as this dirt bike has a manual kick-starter in case the battery runs out of power. 

2022 KLX110R VS 2022 KLX110RL

This Kawasaki KLX110RL features a 112cc, four-stroke engine, which makes it a better choice for some raiders than the KLX110R which is essentially its smaller model. Other notable differences include a taller seat, manual clutch, longer suspension, and 4.8 cm more ground clearance. With these added features playing with this KLX110RL model regardless of your size or skill level will never be a problem. 

Having a dirt bike that breaks down constantly or has trouble starting is not ideal for riding on the track. This is why the KLX110RL is a perfect choice. Using the electric start, you can start the fun with a single push of a button. 

With a 110cm3 air-cooled engine, maintenance is a breeze and reliability are unmatched. Due to its optimum camshaft timing, it delivers excellent engine power at all speeds. Low tension piston rings ensure increased performance by reducing cylinder friction. 

Top Features of The 2022 KLX110R

KLX110R – Kawasaki’s fun bike

Even simple bikes can be a lot of fun when removed from the crowds of the city. Young riders will have fun riding this. The power of the 112 cm3 SOHC single-cylinder engine can be easily controlled with its settings. 

With 4 speeds and an automatic clutch, this transmission is easily operated. It provides great performance and comfort to the rider. The ergonomics of the KLX110R accommodate a wide range of riders. Plus, it is suitable for riders of varying heights and weights, with a seat height of 680 mm.


KLX110R features 4 gears, each with gear ratios selected to maximize acceleration. From a standing start, a low first gear improves acceleration. With the groove on the shift drum cam and the positioning spring, as well as the smooth cam surface, gears are engaged smoothly and positively in all riding conditions. Shift lever design prevents unintended actuation


Easy starting is made possible by the handy electric starter. The KLX110R’s keyless On/Off switch is located on its left handlebar, allowing for instant ignition. When the handlebar “On/Off” switch is in the “On” position, a red LED warning light will illuminate on the left handlebar. 

Kawasaki’s Automatic Compression Release (KACR) on the intake valve makes it easy to start both with the kick and electric start. With a digital CDI ignition, starting is quick and reliable.


With an automatic clutch and four-speed transmission, as well as the N-1-2-3-4 shift pattern, this makes shifting easy. It is only possible for the engine to start in Neutral when the safety lockout system is engaged.


With factory styling, the KLX looks like a true motocrosser. A lot of our components have a sharp look, inspired by Kawasaki’s flagship KX450 motorbike, such as the shrouds, tank, number plate, and side covers.

2022 KLX110R Specs


2022 KLX110R For Sale

Easy to maintain and operate, the single-cylinder air-cooled engine is highly reliable. Excellent engine performance is obtained with optimal camshaft timing, regardless of engine speed. Low tension piston rings reduce cylinder friction and mechanical losses and increase performance over a wide range of engine speeds. For a longer engine life, the KLX110R engine is equipped with a replaceable oil filter of high quality.


With a sturdy backbone frame made of high-tensile steel and a braced swingarm, the bike offers exceptional handling characteristics. At the bottom of the steering stem, is a roller bearing with a tapered design to provide increased durability. 

Dimensions of The KLX110R VS. The KLX110RL

Seat height – 680 mm.Seat height – 730 mm
Curb weight – 76 kg (including all fluids, and full fuel tank at optimum levels).Curb weight – 76 kg (including all fluids, and full fuel tank at optimum levels).
Wheelbase – 1,075 mm. Wheelbase – 1,075 mm. 
Rear Suspension – Single-shock Rear Suspension – Single-shock 
Front Suspension – 30 mm telescopic forkFront Suspension – 30 mm telescopic fork
Fuel capacity – 3.6 litres. Fuel capacity – 3.6 litres. 
Ground clearance – 215 mm. Ground clearance – 265 mm. 

Pros & Cons of The 2022 KLX110R

  • Progresses naturally with a rider’s skill level and experience
  • There are safety features to ensure the safety of dirt-riding beginners
  • There are no headlights, tail lamps, instrument clusters, or turn indicators on the bike. Making it unfit to ride on a major road
  • Has limited off-road capabilities compared to a full-sized dirt bike

Price (Buy Now)

The price of the 2022 Kawasaki KLX110R will differ slightly per area code however it has an average ride away price of $3648 on the Australian Kawasaki official website.

Bottom Line

KLX110R was built with mini-moto enthusiasts in mind. Featuring many kid-friendly features such as passive starting, adjustable throttle controls, automatic clutch with a 4-speed transmission, chain guard, electric start, multiple heat shields for additional safety, and super-smooth power delivery,

With top features including:

  • 4 – Speed Transmission
  • Auto Clutch
  • Electric or Kick Starter
  • Motocross Design
  • Air-Cooled Engine, and
  • A Capable Chassis

This Kawasaki bike is definitely one to grab for your kids!

Images sourced from Kawasaki.

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