5 Best Dirt Bikes for 7-10 year olds – 80-110cc

Dirt Bikes for 7-10 year olds, dirt bikes for 7 8 9 10 year olds

Bikes for 7, 8, 9 and 10-year-olds are recommended from 50cc up to 85cc.

Suzuki JR80

The Suzuki JR80 is a powerful and fast little dirt bike that gives a smooth ride. It is easy to maintain and makes a good progression for those who have started out young on a 50cc motorbike.

Pros Cons
 Very Trendy Design  Engine is noisy sometimes
 Affordable Low engine power on some models
 Good quality to price ratio 

Yamaha YZ65

Yamaha’s YZ65 is a durable bike with plenty of ‘get up and go’. It gives a good solid ride. If you’ve already had a Yahama 50cc you’ll feel the extra power when you graduate to this great little dirt bike.

Pros Cons
Solid and competitive Quite expensive
Better mechanical power valve  Kids outgrow the Yamaha YZ65 very quickly 
Forks are better 
Highly versatile – fits different sized riders
Great suspension
Lower end torque making it easy to ride
Very powerful engine

Yamaha YZ85

The Yamaha YZ85 is a speedy kids dirt bike with plenty of power. For those who are Yamaha fans, this bike is a great progression from the YZ65.

Pros Cons
Reliable relatively expensive
Fully Automatic  
Small size