Kids Motorbike Goggles

Dirt Bike Goggles protect your child’s eyes from dust, dirt, debris and insects when they are riding their dirt bike. When doing bush dirt bike riding they also protect from tree branches and other objects that may flick into the dirt bike rider’s eyes. When first learning to ride, children sometimes feel that dirt bike goggles are unnecessary when going at slow speeds, but as soon as they speed up a little they will be very grateful to have eye protection.

When buying dirt bike goggles make sure the wearer can see clearly out of them and that they fit firmly on the face and over the nose. They also need to have an easily adjustable strap so that they can be easily loosened or tightened when they are put on over the kid’s dirt bike helmet.

I haven’t found it difficult to buy good motorcycle goggles. The only problems I have had are when the soft lining peels off the inside of the dirt bike goggles, or the fitting around the nose was not comfortable. 

Another feature to look out for when you are purchasing dirt bike riding goggles is an anti-fog feature so that when you are riding your dirt bike goggles will not fog up. this is especially useful if you are in a cold area or kids dirt bike park, or if you breathe heavily while you ride.

Top Rated Kids Dirt Bike Goggles

Image Product Details   Price
51zYXOqesHL JAMIEWIN Professional Dirt Bike Riding Goggles for Youth & Kids Goggles are tinted goggles with impact-resistant PC Lenses. Protects against sunlight, windproof, dustproof, UV rays, fog to protect your eyes safely in any outdoor sports Check Price
41taQD0CfwL SPOSUNE Dirt Bike Goggles Anti-Scratch Dustproof Bendable UV400 Eyewear Padded Soft Thick Foam, Adjustable Strap Only weighs 129g, these compact goggles fit closely to your face and around your eyes to block out all winds, keeping your eyes from water or dust. Check Price
31eps3gXJaL JADEDRAGON Dirt Bike Racing Goggles Anti UV Dustproof Adjustable Strap, One Size fits Most Circular Ventilation Design: Circular holes around the lens to help the internal air circulation, to some extent play an anti-fog effect. Check Price

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