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The 5 Best Kids Motorbike Goggles For Sale

Updated: Jun 03, 2023
kids motorbikes, kids motor bike
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kids motorbikes, kids motor bike

Safety equipment such as a helmet, boots, gloves, and a chest protector go hand in hand with motocross riding. An essential item to add to your safety equipment list is motorbike googles. Dirt bike goggles will prevent dirt, stones, and any other unwanted debris from flying into your eyes.

And, when protecting eyes, it is important to get your children into the habit early of wearing goggles when dirt bike riding. When selecting the right kid’s motorbike goggles, it is important to factor in strength, vision, weight, and comfort. 

Motocross goggles must be dust and windproof and fit securely against your face – but not too firmly. To ensure your goggles fit well, the frame needs to be made out of flexible material. 

When looking to purchase kid’s motorbike goggles, you are spoilt for choice. To make things a little easier, let’s compare the five best kid’s dirt bike goggles for sale on Amazon today. 

Our Pick – Five Kids Motorbike Goggles for sale on Amazon

GooglesSizeMaterialFeaturesAmazon Rating Check Price
June Sports Motorbike Goggle Glasses
Length: 190mm (7.4in)
Flexible, high-quality material, soft high elasticity sponge, nylon strap– Lightweight 
– Adjustable fit
– Waterproof
– Dust/windproof
– Anti-Distortion clear vision
– UV protection
– Clear lens 
Lorsoul Windproof Ski GogglesLength: 170mm (6.7in)
Bendable high-quality Polyethylene (PC) material, nylon strap, high-density sponge.– Lightweight 
– Adjustable fit
– Waterproof
– Dust/windproof
– Rainbow lens
– Anti-fog
– UV protection
Ubelly Polarised Sport Motorcycle GogglesLength:
190mm (7.5in)

100% UV400 Polyethylene (PC) material, nylon strap– Lightweight 
– Bendable
– Anti-fog
– Multi-purpose
MOOREAXE Motorcycle GogglesLength:
203mm (8in)Width:
114mm(4.5in)Weight: 130g 
TUP frame with Polyethylene (PC) lens material, nylon strap– Lightweight 
– Good breathability and   ventilation 
– Anti-glare
– Dust/windproof
– Multi-purpose
– UV400 rays
LJDJMotorcycle GlassesLength:
Polyethylene (PC) lens. ABS frames, and a durable nylon strap.– Package of two 
– Portable bag and glasses cloth- Lightweight 
– Impact-resistant lens 
– Anti-glare
– Windproof
– Multi-purpose
– UV rays

June Sports Motorbike Goggle Glasses

dirt bike gear, kids motocross gear

The June Sports Motorbike Goggle Glasses are ideal for children aged ten years and under. These goggles are perfect for children because they are lightweight and leave no pressure on a child’s nose. 

June Sports goggles fit closely around your face and eyes – blocking the wind and keeping water and dust out. The flexible, adjustable strap makes it easy to fit the goggles to your head – especially suitable for growing children! 

These goggles have UV400 protection and have an extra layer of protection, making them scratch and shatter-resistant. 

motorcycle gear, motorbike gear for kids

Lorsoul Windproof Ski Goggles

Don’t let the name fool you – Lorsoul Windproof Ski Goggles are perfect for motocross. There is a side frame sponge air hole, making these goggles anti-fog. In addition to this, the PC lens has a vacuum coated surface that makes it scratch resistant, crashproof, dustproof, and shockproof. 

The Lorsoul goggles are versatile and worn when skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, cycling, and climbing. Plus, they look cool!

Ubelly Polarised Sport Motorcycle Goggles

oakley goggles, kids dirt bike goggles

The Ubelly Polarised Sport Motorcycle Goggles are highly recommended UV400 PC  googles are suitable for dirt bike, off-road, and desert riding. The anti-fog performance of the Ubelly is not so great, making them less versatile than the Lorsoul goggles that can be used when snowboarding. 

Before purchasing these goggles for children, make sure you check their head size. The dirt bike goggles’ minimum circumference is 21 inches (53cm) and the diameter is 7 inches (17cm). Adjust the elastic strap before using it. 

You can wear prescription glasses underneath these googles. The Ubelly is available in various colours, such as blue, green, pink, red, and yellow. You can buy these with or without a nose guard. 

MOOREAXE Motorcycle Goggles

kids helmets, motorbike goggles

Looking for windproof, dustproof, and highly ventilated goggles? Look no further than MOOREAXE Motorcycle Goggles.  

The advantage of these goggles is that riders can wear prescription and UV glasses under them. Additionally, these goggles come with an extra-long strap, allowing them over your head and on top of your helmet.

The sponge on the inside of these glasses protects your face from too much pressure. This means that you won’t have a google indent on your face when you take them off. 

LJDJ Motorcycle Goggles

motorbike gear for kids, kids motorbikes for sale

If you are on a budget, the LJDJ Motorcycle Goggles will do the job for kids riding on a motocross dirt bike track.  With this option, you get a set of two goggles, making them excellent value for money. 

With the LJDJ goggles, you can select clear, colourful, silver, yellow, and tawny lens colours. However, it is important to note that there has been some feedback that these goggles fog up very quickly – so they are probably not ideal for taking on ski trips. 

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the LJDJ goggles. People who have purchased these rate the adjustable strap because it doesn’t slip down, and it is perfect to wear over your helmet. In addition to this, the shaded lenses are great for blocking the rays out on sunny days. 

These glasses are so great for protecting your eyes from dust and debris that some farmers even use them when harvesting!

Final thoughts

When purchasing motorbike goggles for kids, it is important to consider comfort, weight, vision, and safety. There is never a one size fits all option for your goggles because they are subjective to personal taste, purpose, and style.

To keep your goggles in top condition, make sure you store them in a goggle bag or google case – this will ensure that your lens does not get scratched, plus it will extend the life of the foam. 

Before purchasing anything, check the dimensions fit your child’s head. This will help you to determine the best motorcycle goggles to purchase. 

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