Kids Motorcycle Kidney Belts

Kids dirt bike kidney belts are a wide thick elastic type brace or belt that goes around the kidney area of your child’s body. They are designed to provide protection and support for the internal organs in this area. I have never used a dedicated kidney belt, but some people really like them. You will find, however, that the zip-up vested body armour often has a thick adjustable belt built into it which does provide good support.

Top Rated Kids Dirt Bike Kidney Belts

Image Product Details   Price
71S9G1 zzIL. AC UL640 QL65 EVS Sports BB1 Celtek Kidney Belt Reinforced lower spine panel Check Price
71gNKHTiflL. AC UL640 QL65 Kidney Belt Support Clothing Adjustable Motorbike Prevents hypothermia in the kidneys and the muscles  Check Price
2Q== Alpinestars Unisex Saturn Kidney Belt Ergonomically designed for maximum stability across the abdomen and lower back Check Price
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