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The Suzuki brand of motorbike is another one of the leading brands of motorbikes. Suzuki released its first motorbike in 1952. The motorbike looked like a bicycle, but was fitted with an engine. Since then Suzuki has gone from strength to strength releasing many different motorbikes.


Age group: 7 and above

The Suzuki DR-Z50 is a great beginner’s motorbike. It has an automatic clutch and is a three-speed, 4-stroke. It has electric and kick start system and a perfect seat height for the youngest of the group (560mm). This motorbike has a very reliable braking system, a good weight to enable the kids to control it well and it also has a good shock absorber. The DR-Z50 also has a throttle limiter which is great for training purposes. Another feature of this little bike is an adjustable front brake lever. This allows for the brake lever to be adjusted to suit different sized riders.
This motorbike is built with the knowledge that kids grow fast, so they’ll get great use out of this bike, before passing this reliable bike onto the next generation.

2019 Suzuki DR-Z50 Review


Age group 7-10

Built for riders with some riding experience, the JR80 is an ideal bike to transition to once your child has learnt to ride. It’s a great 2-stroke bike with plenty of pickup and power for a young rider. The 5-speed transmission gives plenty of opportunity for its rider to make the most of its power. The JR80 is better for more confident riders with its manual clutch, no throttle limitation and kick start options. 

The JR80 has a good oil injection system, meaning that you don’t have to mix 2-stroke oil in with your fuel. The bike automatically mixes the fuel and oil in the correct ratios. This makes it easier if for the person maintaining the bike. Spare parts are also readily available for this bike.

This bike is a lot of fun to ride, it’s easy to maintain and perfect to manoeuvre. It’s a good buy for someone that has already taken the first steps in learning how to ride. 

2019 Suzuki JR80 Review