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2022 OSET 16 Racing Review & Specs

Updated: Mar 19, 2023
2022 OSET 16 Racing
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2022 OSET 16 Racing

The 2022 OSET 16 Racing is often the entry point into OSET Cup competitions for bike riders and parents. The design department at OSET has spent a lot of time and effort developing a bike that is both functional and ergonomically correct.

Why Should You Buy The 2022 OSET 16 Racing Bike?

The 2022 OSET 16 is the bike your kid needs! Featuring a powerful 800w motor, air forks, and springs, the 16.0 Racing is equipped with the latest technology. 

There are also adjustable compression and rebound shocks, strong hydraulic disc brakes, and Kenda tires with different profiles for the front and rear wheels designed by OSET. The wheels, handlebars, steering stem, footpegs, and more are made of lightweight alloy. 

The headset, swingarm, and wheels are equipped with high-quality bearings. All the components combine to form a bike that will last you for many years. For this reason, used OSETs retain a high resale value. They are durable and high in value.

The steering stem is encased in a padded chin guard, the OSET grips are thinner to accommodate small hands, and the magnetic cut-out switch comes with a lanyard. Pulling the strap around your child’s wrist turns off the power when the lanyard is pulled. It is easy to remove a key switch when a parent needs a break!

Safety features are of course of utmost importance. The exclusive ‘3 dials’ system allows parents to easily modify the characteristics of the bike with the OSET controller. It is easy to adjust the speed, power, and response of the bike by removing the rubber bung in the ‘tank’ area. 

You can set it to a very mellow speed and low power, all the way up to a very fast, high-powered competition machine. You can adjust the throttle response so that the bike’s response to the opening of the throttle is softer for those who are learning to ride.

For 5-7-year-olds, the OSET 16.0 Racing is a dream machine. Every component on the bike was designed by OSET specifically for young riders, including the tires and handlebars. Using this bike helps riders develop their skills very early, giving them a head start before moving on to bigger machines.

OSET History

A young Oliver Smith, son of OSET founder Ian Smith, was inspired to form OSET CORP and develop OSET electric dirt bikes. Oliver was already in love with bikes when he was six months old. 

One of Dad’s businesses produced Motorcycle Trials DVDs, while the other provided back issues and reprinted articles for motorcyclists. Oliver played with his toy bikes all day long while watching DVDs. 

Oliver was evidently eager to get his own bike as soon as possible. He continued to be obsessed with bikes as he grew older. 

When looking at the market, Dad did not find any bikes that were suitable for a five-year-old, six-year-old, or seven-year-old. Putting a kid on a bike that weighs over 100 pounds, has no power, and has a hot exhaust did not appeal to Dad. Therefore, the cogs started turning in his head.

The idea for an electric Trials bike came to Ian in 2004 and he began researching electric scooters and other options. A person may be able to modify an electric scooter into a tiny trial bike by modifying it. 

Former engineer Mike Buchholz, a fellow Trials rider, spoke with Ian. Both agreed that the bike might work, so they made it! Oliver was 3 years and 3 months old when the bike was finished. 

Despite his inexperience, Oliver rode a bike standing up and in control on his very first day. After that, he rode in his first trial competition! He constantly modified the bike. It was clear this bike worked well! This was a breakthrough moment!

Also in 2010, OSET received a major award in the form of a “product of the year” award from Dirt Rider magazine (a leading US off-road publication).

The 2022 OSET 16 Racing Top Features

Features Include:

  • An 800w OSET motor, air/spring forks, and compression/rebound adjustable shocks.
  • The OSET-designed Kenda tires with a different profile for the front and rear have powerful and reach adjustable hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Weight is kept to a minimum with the use of alloy hubs, foot-pegs, steering stem, handlebars, and more.
  • Wheels, swingarms, and headsets are fitted with high-quality bearings.
  • All the other components of the bike are combined with a sturdy steel frame to create a bicycle that will last for many years.
  • With a magnetic cut-out switch and lanyard, you can stay safe.
  • When the parent needs a break, the key switch can be easily removed!
  • We have designed the OSET controller to work with our exclusive ‘3 dials’ system, which allows parents to easily adjust the bike’s power, speed, and response characteristics.
  • It can be set from a very mellow machine with low power and a walking pace, all the way up to a powerful competition machine.
  • Suitable for riders aged 5 to 7.

The New 2022 OSET 16 Racing Dimensions

Seat height โ€“ 480 mm

Curb weight โ€“ 36.5kg

Front Suspension โ€“ telescopic fork, air/spring adjustable.

Rear Suspension โ€“ shock, preload adjustable

Ground clearance โ€“ 230 mm

Battery โ€“ 3x10ah AGM SLA.

Height โ€“ 860 mm

Wheelbase โ€“ 904 mm

Front Brake โ€“ 160mm hydraulic disc

Rear Brake โ€“ 160mm hydraulic disc

Pros & Cons of The OSET 16.0

The ride is very safeRelatively expensive
You can adjust the throttle to suit your riding style
Designed with a sturdy steel frame to ensure durability
There were no spills of petrol
Relatively favourable resale value
While riding, be silent

2022 OSET 16 Racing Price

Depending on where you live, the price of the 2022 OSET 16 Racing will differ, but the average ride-away price is $3428 nationwide. For a direct quote, contact their sales team in your area via the OSET AU website.

Bottom Line

Upon its introduction, the OSET Racing 16.0 was a revelation. Until this day, it remains the bike of choice for riders along with their parents participating in their first trials and OSET Cup competitions. 

It is covered in custom parts designed by OSET to suit young riders. These parts are designed to create a bike that is functional, ergonomically correct, and able to grow with the rider as he or she grows.

With no hot parts, no gas, no fumes, and virtually silent operation, the OSET 16.0 Racing is the ideal bike for learning and improving motorbike skills in children. The 16.0 Racing can be used every day in places that other bikes cannot. It’s not a coincidence that the OSET retains an incredibly high resale value after being used. They’re made to last.

A dirt bike to watch in 2022 is the all-new OSET 16 Racing!

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