2020 Suzuki JR80 Review

2020 Suzuki JR80 review, jr80 dirt bike review

Age (7-10yrs)

Suzuki JR80 2020 is a next-level ride for your kid. The fuel delivery system has been improved so that it does not require any premixing. It has an easy delivery of power. It has a two-stroke engine that delivers optimum oil injection for excellent lubrication. Its 5-speed transmission puts power smoothly on the ground so when out on the trail, young riders have a reliable extension to their stay without worry. 

Its light-weight feature makes changing directions a walk in the park. The Suzuki J80 has a slim, sleek, and comfortable seat, added to single-shock rear suspension matched with 5 selectable preload settings that can be changed to suit your kids’ size and weight.

Suzuki JR80 Top Speed

The top speed of the 2020 Suzuki JR80 is about 84 Km/h.


2020 Suzuki JR80 review, jr80 dirt bike review
Source: Suzuki
  • 5-speed transmission, constant mesh
  • 2-stroke, air-cooled engine 
  • Fuel capacity; 4.1 litres
  • Engine displacement; 79cc
  • Brakes, front and rear drum
  • Kick starter system 


  • The 79cc, 2-stroke engine provides smooth and dependable power delivery
  • Pointless Electric Ignition (PEI) for an easy simple kick start
  • Suzuki Cylinder and Crank Ignition System (SCCIS) 
  • 5-speed manual transmission for smooth shifting
  • Front and rear shock absorbers 
  • 30.48cm rear and 35.56cm front tire
  • Overall lightweight and slim design for improved stability
  • Sporty and refined
  • Very trendy design
  • Affordable
  • Good quality/price ratio
  • The engine is noisy sometimes
  • Low engine power on some models

2019 Suzuki JR80 Review

2019 Suzuki JR80, kids dirt bike review

Age group 7-10

Built for riders with some riding experience, the 2019 Suzuki JR80 is an ideal dirt bike to transition to once your child has learnt to ride. It’s a great 2-stroke bike with plenty of pickup and power for a young rider. The 5-speed transmission gives plenty of opportunities for its rider to make the most of its power. The JR80 is better for more confident riders with its manual clutch, no throttle limitation and kick start options. 

The JR80 has a good oil injection system, meaning that you don’t have to mix 2-stroke oil in with your fuel. The bike automatically mixes the fuel and oil in the correct ratios. This makes it easier if for the person maintaining the bike. Spare parts are also readily available for this bike.

This bike is a lot of fun to ride, it’s easy to maintain and perfect to manoeuvre. It’s a good buy for someone that has already taken the first steps in learning how to ride. 

2019 Suzuki JR80 specifications:

2019 Suzuki JR80, kids dirt bike review

Engine: 2-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled

Starter: primary kick

Transmission: 5-speed constant mesh

Front suspension: Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped

Rear suspension: link type, spring preload 5-way adjustable

Both brakes: drum

Weight: 65kg

Seat height: 685mm (adjustable, this is its lowest setting)

Bore and stroke: 49.0mm x 42.0 mm

Fuel capacity: 4.1L

2019 Suzuki JR80 Features:

  • Dependable engine that guarantees sound power transmission
  • Easy to start with it newly advanced pointless electronic ignition
  • Good shock absorbers making riding easy and enjoyable
  • Mixes fuel and oil automatically taking away one of the common hassles of a two-stroke bike