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Five Reasons to Buy an Electric Dirt Bike

Updated: Aug 22, 2023
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motorbikes, electric dirt bike
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We have all heard about the many electric options when it comes to things that move. There are electric cars, electric scooters, electric pushbikes, and now even electric snowmobiles. Dirt bikes are no different; they need an engine and that engine turns a wheel. That engine can be petrol, electric, coal, nuclear, you name it. A dirt bike can be electric just like anything else. We all love the petrol engine too though, right? The cool thing to do these days is to replace an engine that runs on fossil fuels with an engine that runs on the magic of electricity, so here are five reasons to buy an electric dirt bike.

About Electric Dirt Bikes

The thought that comes to mind with electric dirt bikes is something that is sleek, without looking like a dirt bike anymore. This is not the case. Many electric dirt bikes look just like any other dirt bike. As far as the riding experience goes, many have claimed that they prefer the electric dirt bike over the petrol-powered counterpart. A quieter ride combined with greater comfort and ease of operation has made the electric dirt bike the product of choice for many people. The rest of us may be curious and intrigued, so let’s try and give you a taste of what shock advantages are found with electric dirt bikes.

The Five Reasons

kid dirt bike, dirt bike for kids

No Petrol

It goes without saying, but the electric dirt bike doesn’t use petrol. Apart from environmental reasons, there are a lot of reasons why this is good news. Petrol dirt bikes come with the stench of exhaust for the rider, as well as anyone else who may be near. Without a combustion petrol engine, it also means that they don’t heat up. Potentially gone are the days when a hot engine would meet a bare arm or leg for a burst of pain. As an electric kids’ dirt bike, there is also no need to buy petrol. This means a younger rider doesn’t need to get a job to pay for refuelling! Although, parents will still need to pay the power bill.

Easier and More Comfortable Ride

Possibly related to not having petrol, an electric dirt bike doesn’t need to be kick-started. Turn it on, twist the throttle, and off you go. With an electric dirt bike, gone are the days of having to jump up and down on a kick start lever to get going. Once you start riding, you’ll also notice that there is no need to shift gears. Throttle control is also usually much smoother on top of no shifting. Then there is the sound. Electric dirt bikes are nowhere near as loud, although you may want something to warn others that you are near. As a kids electric bike, it also has adjustable power settings that allow the speed to be limited.


dirt bike, dirt bikes

This is especially a benefit when it comes to an electric kids’ dirt bike, being nowhere near as heavy. This makes it easier for a kid’s electric bike to be controlled by a younger rider. As well as making for a better electric kids’ bike, it also means that the labour-intensive task of getting the dirt bike on and off a trailer becomes easier. It’s also more convenient in the case of a breakdown, to wheel a lighter dirt bike out of a hard-to-access spot or up hills. The lighter and easier to lift electric dirt bike is easier to pick up if it falls over. 

Low Maintenance

Electric dirt bikes are much easier when it comes to maintenance. The only part that still requires oil is the chain, and the only other moving part that may need attention is the brakes. Every other part of a petrol dirt bike that needs maintenance is no longer required. The need for an oil filter is completely eliminated, there are no spark plugs, and less moving parts means that there is not as much need for oil. Less moving parts also means there are less things to break, so you can spend more time dirt biking and less time bike fixing.

The Power

This isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to an electric dirt bike, but it’s the truth. With a petrol engine, the acceleration is limited by the revolution of the engine, meaning that a rider needs to stick to an RPM sweet spot to get going quickly. This is not the case with an electric dirt bike. It makes it easier to get a good start and allows you to accelerate out of those turns harder than ever before. Electric dirt bikes can be a lot of fun just for the power that they wield.

Why Not?

The many advantages of getting an electric dirt bike are balanced out by a few minor pitfalls that make an electric dirt bike less ideal. If speed is what you are after, many models do only go up to 50kph. Many electric dirt bikes are also expensive at the moment, mainly due to the cost of the battery which doesn’t last as long as some desire. There are models that have replaceable batteries that can be swapped out with charged batteries. 

The Future

Dirt bikes, especially kids dirt bikes, are heading more and more down the electric path. It is no different from electric lawn maintenance equipment, power tools, and vehicles. Electric transportation options become more desirable not just from an environmental point of view, but also when it comes to many other benefits that can be found with these options. While currently so much of the industry is focused on electric dirt bikes for kids, many will grow up and continue enjoying electric dirt bikes, more than likely increasing the demand. It may not be long before it’s only electric dirt bikes out on the track if they could just get the batteries more cost-efficient and longer-lasting. Electric dirt bikes are well worth the try!

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