2022 Husqvarna TC 85 17/14 Guide

Husq TC 85 17-14
2022 Husqvarna TC 85 17-14

The 2022 TC85 17/14 is a gap-closing class, which gives emerging riders a chance to jump into the big leagues. Consequently, the TC 85 offers many of the features found on Husqvarna’s larger range. In an effort to maximize control, the TC 85 has the latest engine and chassis technology that encourages young riders to push themselves harder. 

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2021 Husqvarna TC 85 17/14 Review and Specs

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TC 85 17/14 bridges the gap between junior riders and full-sized motocross. The bike takes emerging riders one step closer to the big dirt biking leagues. Husqvarna’s advanced hardware featured on large ranges is found on the TC 85. The bike ensures that young riders have the confidence to push harder as they maintain track composure by featuring the latest engine and chassis technology.

TC 85 17/14 Features:

kids motorbike, kids motorbikes
Source: Husqvarna
  • It has a steel frame made from molybdenum using advanced hydroformed tubes and robot welding.
  •  The WP rear shock is fitted with a progressive damping system that allows the bike to soak up big hits on rough terrains and bumps.
  • WP XACT front suspension just like the larger MX range has trusted oil dumping in the right leg and capsulated air spring in the left leg. The two offer a remarkable suspension performance.
  • The subframe made from lightweight aluminium features a short and compact profile that improves mass centralization and reduces the bike’s weight. 
  • Maxxis tyres deliver outstanding tyres on different terrains.
  • TC 85 body works perfectly fits an 85 rider by delivering exceptional ergonomics. While it instils confidence in the riders, it also gives them a room for free and unrestricted movement.
  • Grip standard ODI locks are fitted on the bike’s right side. Moreover, the locks on the left-hand side do not require a wire or glue to mount.
  • TC 85 features new brake callipers to improve brake feel in any riding condition. Also, the new clutch and brake assembly reduces wear and ensures reliability and durability.
  • TC 85 two-stroke technology delivers unrivalled performance in the 85cc class. The unchanged bore and stroke increase rideability on RPM range with improved power.
  • The bike features a new spring clutch replacing the previous coil spring design. The new clutch is lighter and more compact to add to its durability. Actuated using a hydraulic system, the clutch’s play is always compensated for and remains the same under different conditions.
  • The crankcase is manufactured using a die-cast process making its wall thinner and at the same time ensures durability and strength. For improved handling, the shaft arrangement is positioned closer to the centre of gravity.
  • For impressive power, torque, and controllability, the bike features an innovative power valve system cylinder that controls the sub-exhaust port and exhaust valve.
  • It’s airbox features a twin air filter that can simply be removed by taking out the left side panel for maintenance. It also ensures maximum air filter protection.
  • For optimum engine performance and temperature, the bike features computational fluid radiators to allow ideal air passage.
  • The TC 85’s exhaust system is perfectly fitted for power characteristics of the engine for outstanding performance. Besides, it has a short silencer to reduce noise levels by improving mass centralization.
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