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2021 Kawasaki KX65 Review & Specs

Updated: Jun 03, 2023
2021 Kawasaki KX65, kids bike reviews
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2021 Kawasaki KX65, kids bike reviews

Best for all-rounder Junior motocross bike

2021 Kawasaki KX65, kids bike reviews
Source: Kawasaki

This dirt bike is known for impressive features such as a powerful engine, disc brakes, a long-travel suspension and a lightweight chassis. It’s a great general kid’s dirt bike – but if your child might want to race as well – then this bike is the perfect choice.

Whether you have built your skills in the 50cc class or are just starting out on the 65cc, the 2021 KX65 will introduce you to a manual clutch transmission. It has a six-speed transmission to utilize the 64cc motor fully. The suspension settings at both ends of the 2021 KX65 have recoil-damping adjustability. 

Considering the size of this 2021 Kawasaki KX65, it is strong and significant to use, with more than 203 mm from the fork and over 229 mm that are controlled by the shock. Other features that add to its performance are the disk brakes, a curb weight of 59.9 kgs, and a 36/31cm wheel combination. 

KX65 Top Features 

motorbike reviews, Kids motorbikes for sale
Source: Kawasaki
  1. Junior motocross bike. 
  2. Lime green rear spring.
  3. 64cc two-stroke engine with digital ignition to provide excellent throttle response throughout the rev range.
  4. Six-speed transmission for improved durability and progressive action. 
  5. An electro fusion-coated cylinder with transfer ports and an advanced exhaust for sufficient power and performance at a high rate.
  6. A high-tensile steel body for superior torsional rigidity to enhance handling with a reinforced down tube to improve its durability and strength.
  7. Sturdy, light and non-fading front and rear disc brakes. 
  8. Uni Trak rear suspension that provides a progressively increasing spring and damping strength as the suspension compress to help control the ride.

Detailed Specifications (KX 65 specs)

1.     Engine

2021 Motorbike reviews, kx65 review
Source: Kawasaki
  • Type – 2-stroke engine.
  • Compression ratio – 8:4:1.
  • Displacement – 64cc.
  • Fuel – 24mm SS carburettor.
  • Induction – Reed Valve. 
  • Bore x Stroke – 44.5 x 41.6mm.

2.     Chassis

  • Brakes – Disk.
  • Front Suspension- Travel. 
  • Rear Tire – 90/100 x 14.
  • Front Tire – 70/100 x 17.

3.     Dimensions

  • Curb weight – 74.8 kgs.
  • Seat height – 830.58 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 1264.92 mm.
  • Rake – 29 degrees.
  • Ground clearance – 289.56 mm. 
  • Trail – 96.52 mm. 
  • Fuel capacity – 4.92 litres. 
  • A ready-to-race mini dirt bike at an affordable price
  • Minimal changes from previous versions
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