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2021 Husqvarna TC 50 Mini Review and Specs

Updated: Jun 03, 2023
motorbike reviews, Husqvarna
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motorbike reviews, Husqvarna

The 2021 version of TC 50 Mini has the highest performance level in a reduced size so that it can perfectly suit tomorrow’s stars. It uses an identical technological level to that of the bigger-sized motorcycle racing ranges. This 2021 version has a superior quality compared to its predecessors. A lot of attention has been put on the details so that it not only has a premium look and feel but also top-level quality performance.


motorbike reviews, Husqvarna
Source: Husqvarna
  • The frames, made of high-strength steel have been keenly integrated into the carefully planned longitudinal flex and torsional rigidity so that the suspension and handling functionalities benefit the riders on the trails. The carefully made frames also guarantee accurate cornering and easy handling of the bike in addition to the improved stability.   
  • The 35 mm front forks have been improved with exceptionally comfortable and damping characteristics so that the riders can confidently push the bike without any reservations. 
  • The rear shock is then fixed directly to the swingarm, in such a way that the mono-shock perfectly fits into the front forks, which then improves the damping and balancing features.
  • Brakes come with the same level of improved technology that the bigger sized motorcycles have. Additionally, the Husqvarna TC 50 Mini has been fitted with brake callipers that are hydraulic operated as well as front and rear brake discs that are waved. This advanced combination ensures that the brake and stopping performance are excellent.
  • The cylinder is not just lightweight, it is also durable because it is made of lightweight aluminium. The cylinder has a pressure-controlled exhaust valve (PCEV) whose performance is unrivalled because it only performs within the 50cc range.  
  • The automatic clutch allows young riders to focus without the distractions of operating a manual clutch or gearbox. The clutch ensures that the power delivery is precise and within the RPM range.
  • TC 50 Mini’s exhaust has been manufactured using a 3D stamping process so that once its components have been sculpted, they are welded by robots meaning they have the highest quality performance and are exceptionally durable. 
  • The black-adonized aluminium rims are light-weight but very strong and reliable. The MAXXIS tyers grip various terrains progressively so that the riders have maximum balance wherever they are. 
  • The cooling system is of the latest technology because TC 50 Mini uses both the crankcases and the liquid cooling system. Compared to its size, the radiators are large and they work in harmony with the spoilers to push air through the cooling fins so that there is sufficient cooling in every condition. 

Specifications (Specs)

  • 2-stroke engine.
  • Design-1-cylinder.
  • Bore size: 39.5mm.
  • Stroke: 40mm.
  • Displacement: 49cm cubed.
  • Kickstarter.
  • Adjustable-centrifugal clutch.
  • Single-speed automatic transmission.
  • Front suspension travel – 100mm.
  • Rear suspension travel – 147mm. 
  • Disc brakes, both front, and rear. 
  • Disc diameter: front – 160mm. 
  • Disc diameter: rear—160mm. 
  • Chain: ½ x 3/16. 
  • Ground clearance- 184 mm.
  • Tank capacity- 2.3 litres.
  • Weight: 40 kg without fuel.
  • Seat height: 558mm
  • Wheelbase: 1032 +/- 10 mm. 
  • Has outstanding stability
  • Easy to handle because of the rigidity of the longitudinal and torsional parameters
  • Durable
  • Very comfortable for young riders
  • The 2021 bike comes with a combination of all the latest technologies
  • Very expensive
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