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2022 OSET MX10 LITHIUM Review and Specs

Updated: Mar 19, 2023
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Designed from the ground up, the 2022 OSET MX10 Lithium includes a controller, steel frame, OSET motor, and OSET’s new 20 AH lithium battery working in harmony. Most of the components are unique. 

Taking OSET into new territory and to new heights, this was truly a ground-up design. By utilizing a 48v OSET drive system (complete with 3-dial adjustment) and using top-of-the-line components, this kids’ dirt bike can redefine the starter MX market across the globe.

In addition, it has a rear oil shock that can be adjusted to fit OSET’s specifications. With easy-to-reach hydraulic disc brakes for small hands, stopping power is plenty.

Benefits Of Owning A OSET MX10 Lithium 

MX-10s are very tame and suitable for beginners. The bike will grow with the rider!

Even the smallest riders can feel the ground as the MX-10 has an adjustable seat height. The geometry of the bike changes when it is lowered, to make it more stable for raw beginners. We designed the front forks, rear shock, and brakes to be lightweight and adjustable to fit the bike and young riders since one size does not fit all.

Traditionally, riders must overcome power delivery issues when riding petrol-starter kids’ dirt bikes. Many kids are simply too scared to give it a try since most of the power is at the top of the rev range. Thanks to the OSET MX-10, this is no longer an issue. All of these can be adjusted to meet the needs of the rider, including power, throttle response, and top speed.

The confidence and speed of all riders can be built safely. Children can easily control the linear, electric power and can be supervised by their parents.

There will be more to come! A kickstart is no longer needed, so you won’t have to run across a track to get the bike started. The exhaust won’t be hot, so no one will be scorched. Due to the weight of the bike, when they inevitably fall off, they can pick it up and get going relatively easily.

In an era when practice locations are becoming scarcer, the virtually silent MX-10 offers several advantages over its petrol counterparts. More riding time means more skills and more fun!

A Brief Look At OSET’s History

Oliver Smith, son of OSET founder Ian Smith, created OSET CORP and OSET electric dirt bikes. Even as a toddler, Oliver loved to ride bikes. Two of his father’s businesses produced Motorcycle Trials DVDs and reprinted motorcycle magazines. 

Oliver rode his toy bikes all day while watching DVDs. He rode his toy bikes all day despite wanting a bike as soon as possible. He never grew out of his bike obsession. 

His father could not find any bikes for children who were five, six, or seven years old on the market. His son could not ride a bike that was over 100 pounds, had no power and had a hot exhaust. This made him think.

He started looking into electric scooters and other options in 2004 when he had the idea for an electric Trials bike. A small trial bike could be created from an electric scooter if it is modified. Mike Buchholz, a former engineer and fellow Trials rider, spoke with Ian. Together, they built the bike! 

Oliver was three years old and three months old at the time. Despite his lack of experience, Oliver rode a bike standing up and in control on his very first ride. Several weeks later, he competed in his first trial race! He constantly modified his bike. The bike clearly worked! It was a breakthrough!

The 2022 OSET MX10 LITHIUM Top Features

  • An OSET lithium battery (20Ah), a powerful motor, and a controller are integrated into this kids’ dirt bike.
  • An OSET 48v drive (with three dials for adjustment)
  • The upside-down fork was custom-built to OSET’s specifications and the rear oil shock was adjusted
  • Hydrostatic disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power with reach-adjustable levers for small hands
  • The seat height can be adjusted, so even the tiniest riders have more confidence since they can touch the ground
  • With electric power, you will never have to kick start the bike, so you will never have to run across a track to help it start
  • There are no hot exhausts, so no one will be scorched by accident
  • Riders between the ages of 4 and 7

The New 2022 OSET MX10 LITHIUM Dimensions

Seat Height: Adjustable 515 – 550 mm (3 settings)

Curb weight: 37.2kg

Front Suspension: Front adjustable rebound, USD air fork, & compression

Rear Suspension: Oil-dampened Rear shock, preload adjustable

Ground clearance: Adjustable, 170 – 200 mm (3 settings)

Battery:  OSET 48V Lithium battery (20 Ah) with discharging, diagnostic, and charging ports.

Height: Adjustable, 805 – 815 mm (3 settings)

Wheelbase: 940 mm

Front Brake: 160 mm hydraulic disc

Rear Brake: 160 mm hydraulic disc

Pros & Cons of The New 2022 OSET MX10 LITHIUM Bike

Riders of all ages and heights can adjust the seats and heightQuite costly
Speed limits that can be adjusted
Response time is quick and efficient

2022 OSET MX10 LITHIUM Price

Depending on where you live, the price of the 2022 OSET 20 LITE will differ, but the average ride-away price is $5100 nationwide. For a direct quote, contact their sales team in your area via the OSET AU website.

Bottom Line

Motocross, off-road, and play riders can enjoy riding the OSET MX-10. The kids’ dirt bike offers greater performance and usability than the traditional petrol bikes sold for the past few decades, this kids’ dirt bike offers greater performance and usability.

Designed from the ground up, this kids’ dirt bike features a controller, steel frame, OSET motor, and OSET’s new 20 AH lithium battery, all working together. This kids’ dirt bike shares little with other OSETs. 

OSET has reached new heights and new territories with this ground-up design. This kids’ dirt bike features a 48V OSET drive system (complete with 3-dial adjustments) and top-of-the-line components that could redefine the starter MX market. 

Several OSET-specific features are included in the MX-10, including an upside-down fork built specifically for OSET, as well as an oil shock that is adjustable at the rear. For small hands, reach-adjustable levers on the hydraulic disc brakes ensure your kid’s dirt bike stops when it’s time to.

The acceleration is spectacular when the dials are turned up. Turning them down makes the MX-10 very tame and a great first-timer bike. The bike will grow with the rider!

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