7 Best Kids Dirt Bike (Motorbike) Helmets

Riding can be a lot of fun, but does come with some dangers and a helmet is a really important. In fact, if your kids are into dirt bike riding – then a good helmet is a ‘must’. We’ve checked out some of Amazon’s current helmet to see just what they are like.

So, come along as we delve deeper and discover what makes these products unique.

Top Kids Motorbike Helmets For Sale

We’ve rounded up the seven best kids’ dirt bike helmets to review. They include:

Helmet Price RangePrice
TDRMOTO MX Kids Helmet (Pink)$$Check Price
CHAOYUE Full Face Helmet$$Check Price
CHAOYUE Kids Off-Road Helmet Set$Check Price
CKX Pursuit Youth Full Moto Helmet  $$Check Price
CHAOYUE Durable Full-face Motocross Helmet $$$ Check Price
 TDRMOTO Motocross Kids Helmet (Orange) $$Check Price
 TDR Motocross Children’s Helmet (Green) $$Check Price

1.    TDRMOTO MX Kids Helmet (Pink)

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We begin our list with the TDRMOTO MX Kids Helmet (Pink), an exciting and fashionable helmet with lots of advanced features suitable for your kids to enjoy at every bike riding experience.

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TDR Motocross Children’s Helmet (Green)

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It is made with outstanding materials including an aerodynamic ABS shell, UV painting, multi-density EPS, a quick-release button and reinforced chin strap, all of which ensure it’s safe for your kids; it is sturdy, durable, and fun. Also, the dirt bike features intake and exhaust vent, this enables the flow of air in and out of the helmet, hence keeping the rider comfortable and cool.

Furthermore, it comes with a liner. This is detachable and washable. This liner keeps the helmet clean, fresh, and free from odour. The product also features a goggle side guide. This helps users properly position their goggles. It has a lightweight design and is available in pink.

  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Made with outstanding material
  • No information on its warranty

2.    CHAOYUE Full Face Helmet

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CHAOYUE Full Face Helmet comes in a combination of fun colours. It is ideal for your dirt bike rider. This helmet is not only DOT certified, but it is also stylish, unique, cool, classy, and personalized. It is suitable for electric bikes, mountain bikes, motorcycles, bicycles, and even off-road vehicles and is also ideal for both youth and adults.

It is engineered with ABS materials while also featuring EPS material which acts as a buffer to cushion collision energy, thereby reducing vibration in the head. It also absorbs shocks while protecting the rider’s head.

Furthermore, the helmet features a high-quality lining along with a velvety padding layer. These help protect the head, offer warmth and comfort, and also help with external ventilation and circulation. It also comes in a range of sizes of 54cm-55cm for small, 56cm-57cm for medium and 58cm-59cm for large, there is also 60cm-61cm for extra-large.

  • It has a wide range of application
  • The package features a helmet, mask, goggle, and gloves
  • It has a high price tag

3.    CHAOYUE Kids Off-Road Helmet Set

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From the stables of CHAOYUE comes yet another great product. This time it’s the CHAOYUE Kids Off-Road Helmet Set, it is suitable for those in need of a portable, classy, comfortable, customizable, lightweight, and yet functional helmet.

Its new sizing system is a perfect fit for most heads, while its advanced moisture-absorbing lining, and channeled EPS offers a cooling effect and protection as well as a padded quick release. 

Also, it features shade glasses that prevent the eyes from being exposed to the full glare of the sun. This also protects the eyes from dirt, dust, and insects. Furthermore, it not only meets but exceeds the DOT ECE FMVSS 218 standard and is ideal for racing cars, road bikes, moped crashes, scooters, moped, and cruisers. 

  • Stylish, comfortable, lightweight, and functional
  • Shade glasses protect the eyes
  • No cons we could find

4.    CKX Pursuit Youth Full Moto Helmet

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If you are looking for a good kids dirt bike helmet then the CKX Pursuit Youth Full Moto Helmet brings you a unique product guaranteed to please. This helmet is resistant to impact, owing to its plastic shell which protects the head and prevents collision vibration. 

Also, it features a removable washable inner lining, along with rubber goggle grips. It only comes in small size, hence it’s suitable for kids and youths. It is DOT standard FMVSS218 compliant with a weight of 1090 grams and a product dimension of 13 x 10 x 10; 1.36 kilograms. It comes in grey, orange, and black colours.

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • It is lightweight
  • The lens has no shield

5.    CHAOYUE Durable Full-face Motocross Helmet

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If a brand proves to be all we want, then we don’t mind reviewing all its models. CHAOYUE Durable Full-face Motocross Helmet has proven to be all CHAOYUE stands for in terms of functionality, efficiency, look, and durability. It’s a full-face helmet ranging from small size to the extra-large size. 

The outdoor sports helmet set comes with gloves, windproof goggles, masks for safety, and protection all of which ensure you are well kitted. It is made of high-quality materials including an ABS shell, soft-padded interior, portable body, and EPS inner shell. All these features make riding fun and safe. 

Furthermore, it is lightweight, weighing only about 1000 grams. The goggles are also windproof and clear. It features detachable and washable ear pads to keep the helmet, fresh, cool, and odour-free.

  • Features all the accessories needed for added safety
  • Size ranges from small to extra large
  • No cons we could find

6.    TDRMOTO Motocross Kids Helmet (Orange)

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Another product we have placed on our review list is the TDRMOTO Motocross Kids Helmet. The professional-grade helmet meets the ECE 22.05 standard which is the Australian legal approval, hence you can be sure this is a high-quality product.

We love its lightweight design and its multiple colour options which include orange, black, green, and pink. It has a stylish design with lots of advanced features for more optimal use. It also allows users to breathe as it has fully adjustable exhaust vents for constants cross ventilation. This helps to keep the rider cool and comfortable.

That’s not all, it also features a comfortable and detachable inner lining which can be washed. This lining keeps you fresh, cool and prevents odour while the goggle side guide gives users guidance on its use. 

  • Made of high-quality, durable materials
  • Well aerated with comfortable inner lining
  • May not fit all children

7.    TDR Motocross Children’s Helmet (Green)

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We draw the curtain with yet another product from TDRMOTO. This time it’s the TDRMOTO Children’s Helmet (Green). Just like the others, it’s an excellent product made with aerodynamic ABS shell, UV painting, a quick release buckle, multiple density EPS, and a reinforced chin strap all of which ensure your kids are comfortable and safe while having fun.

It also features a fully adjustable intake and exhaust vents. This creates constant, light inflow and outflow of air thereby keeping you comfortable and cool. It also has an inner lining that can be removed and washed, keeping the rider fresh, cool, and free from odor. Weighing just about 1.67 kilograms, the model is medium-sized and comes in an attractive green colour. Also, it has goggle side guides, which help users position the goggles correctly.

  • Has lots of advanced features for more enjoyable use
  • Lightweight and aesthetic
  • Package does not feature gloves, masks, and other accessories

Kids Helmet Comparison Table

TDRMOTO MX Kids Helmet (Pink)1.67kgPinkLargeLightweight design, Four colour option, Ventilation system, Comfortable liner, Goggle side guidesTDRMOTO
CHAOYUE Full Face Helmet Not availableGreen and blackMediumComfortable lining, High-quality material, Accessories, Wide range of use, wide range of sizesCHAOYUE
CHAOYUE Kids Off-Road Helmet Set 1kgGreen and blackLargeComfortable lining, High-quality material, Accessories, Wide range of use, wide range of sizesCHAOYUE
CKX Pursuit Youth Full Moto Helmet 1.36kgOrange and blackSmallImpact-resistant, The removable and washable inner liner, Rubber goggle gripsCKX
CHAOYUE Durable Full-face Motocross Helmet Not availableMulticolouredExtra LargeComfortable lining, High-quality material, Accessories, Wide range of use, wide range of sizesCHAOYUE
 TDRMOTO Motocross Kids Helmet (Orange)1.67kgOrangeMediumLightweight design, Four colour options, Ventilation system, Comfortable liner, Goggle side guidesTDRMOTO
 TDR Motocross Children’s Helmet (Green)1.67kgGreenMediumLightweight design, Four colour options, Ventilation system, Comfortable liner, Goggle side guidesTDRMOTO

What is the best dirt bike helmet for children?

Conclusion: We have not just reviewed one but 7 kids dirt bike (motorbike) helmets. These products weren’t randomly picked but were carefully selected to meet your needs. Your kids deserve the best and that’s what these products promise you. So, go ahead and make a choice, your kids will thank you.