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11 Best Dirt Bike Tracks Brisbane

Updated: Jan 04, 2024
Best kids dirt bike parks in brisbane
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Best kids dirt bike parks in brisbane

Are you looking for the best dirt bike tracks in Brisbane?

Parents of kids who ride dirt bikes always have that pressing question in their mind “Where to ride next?” They are always on the lookout for places for their kids to have their next dirt bike adventure.

It can be hard to find good kids dirt bike tracks in the local Brisbane area (in Queensland, Australia) – but there are certainly some great tracks around!

Here at, we’ve lived in Brisbane for over 15 years and have plenty of experience in researching motorbike tracks.

Some motorbike tracks listed below have riding areas that allow unregistered kids to ride dirt bikes on their tracks.

So, let’s get right into it.

1. Fort Lytton Moto-X Club

Located: Lytton, Brisbane

Trail bike riding in Queensland

The Fort Lytton Motocross Club is located in the suburb of Lytton on the East Side of Brisbane. It is around 25 minutes drive from the Brisbane CBD.

This Brisbane track caters for kids and adults and is open for both day and evening training and racing sessions. Coaching is also available.

If you don’t yet have a dirt bike for your child, Fort Lytton Moto Club can hire out a dirt bike as well.
The track is a sandy-based soil with clay for jumps. It is well maintained and has weekly repairs using the facility’s own earth-moving equipment.


  • Caters for Kids and Adults
  • Both Training and Racing
  • Bike Hire
  • Maintained Track

Another bonus of this club is that it is registered to take the government’s “fair play voucher” ($150).

Visit to find out more – or check out our directory listing here.

2. Brisbane Motorcycle Club

Located: Nudgee and Greater Brisbane/Ipswich

Mick Doohan Raceway - Brisbane Motorcycle Club

The Brisbane Motorcycle Club has 2 different tracks in the Brisbane area. One is at Nudgee (on the north side of the city), and the other is at Harrisville in the Ipswich area. The Harrisville track is a natural terrain track and is of high quality.

The club allows for riders of all ages and has Junior Ride days for younger riders. Membership is open to those from 16 – 82 in age.


  • Multiple Track Locations
  • All Ages Accepted
  • Interest in Vintage Motorcycles

For more information – check out our listing or visit their website.

3. Willowbank MX

Located: Greater Brisbane/Ipswich

Willowbank MX Park is a well-designed dirt bike track situated on a 40-hectare block of land.

It has a range of tracks that are suitable for kids, including a Pee-wee (PW) track and a Junior Stadium. If your child is a little tentative at riding on their own, then adults can ride with kids on the peewee tracks as long as they do so safely.

The Willowbank MX tracks are maintained 5 days per week. In addition to this – Willowbank MX also has a training school if your child needs some non-parental instruction to improve their dirt bike riding.
No camping is available at this site and pets are also not allowed.


  • 40 Hectares
  • Multiple Tracks
  • Well Maintained
  • Training Offered


4. Ultimate Motocross

Located: Various venues including Chandler, Brisbane

Ultimate Motocross Brisbane

Ultimate Motocross operates at Sleemans Sports Complex, Chandler in the outdoor velodrome on a grass track.

The environment is great for beginners, as the track allows for great city dirt bike riding without the bumps, mud and dirt out in the countryside.

They offer junior rider and senior beginner rider coaching. Practice nights are on Friday nights and there is the opportunity to race once a month.

If you live in Brisbane and want to introduce your child to the world of dirt bike riding – then this venue is a great way to go!


  • Beginner Friendly
  • Rider Coaching
  • Practice Nights
  • Monthly Races

View Directory Listing

5. Parklands MX Park

Located: Greater Brisbane/Kenilworth

best dirt bike park Brisbane

The Parklands MX Park is located in Kenilworth about 130km from Brisbane. The park is open 7 days a week.

If you are travelling from Brisbane, it makes for a great kids’ dirt biking weekend adventure, with 5 different motor cross tracks to suit the whole family.

Two of these tracks are just for kids, with one having small jumps and the other a flat track. There is also a track for intermediate riders and 2 other adult/more advanced tracks.

With day rates of about $20 for those 15 years and under, and $30 for 16 years and over – it offers a fun, family-friendly and affordable way to spend a dirt biking weekend.

If you have a bit of extra time, then there is overnight camping in the Kenilworth township and the showgrounds, Kenilworth Homestead or at the town hotel.


  • Open Everyday
  • 5 Tracks
  • Skill Based Tracks

View Track Listing

6. North Brisbane Junior MCC (NBJMCC)

Located: Northgate

North Brisbane Junior Motorcycle Club NBJMCC

North Brisbane Junior Motorcycle Club is a great Brisbane dirt bike track for casual and professional riders.

NBJMCC offer practice days to help you learn how to ride, and race days for the more competitive riders.


  • Offers Practice Days
  • Junior and Senior Events
  • Ages 4+
  • Multiple Tracks

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7. Maleny Trail Riders Club

Located: Maleny

Maleny Trail Riders Club Inc

Although outside of Brisbane, the Maleny Trail Riders Club offers some great perks for around 1hr 45mins driving.

Their primary event is the Maleny Trail Ride which is held bi-annually, with profits returning to the community.


  • Profits Return To Riding Community
  • Suitable for Kids and Adults
  • Family Friendly

Visit their listing or their website.

8. Gold Coast Motocross Club

Located: Gold Coast

Gold Coast Motocross Club

The Gold Coast Motocross Club is around 1hr 30mins from Brisbane and has some great selling points. With a 1.2km track and opportunities for beginners and pros, there is not much more a rider could want.


  • 3 Tracks
  • Coaching Available
  • Practice Days
  • Ages 4+

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9. QLD Moto Park

Located: Coulson QLD

Queensland Moto Park

QLD Moto Park (QMP) is over 1800 acres of motorbike fun! With 14 tracks and trails, there is something for all ages.

They also offer camping and various other amenities.


  • 14 Tracks and Trails
  • Wash Down Bays (BYO Hose)
  • Camping
  • 1800+ Acres

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10. Lockyer National Park

Location: Helidon (90km west of Brisbane)

Although Lockyer National Park is not a designated dirt bike track, it does offer motorbike touring and 4WD.


  • Accepts Motorbike Touring

Learn More

11. Reliability Trials Club of Brisbane

Located: Carindale

Reliability Trials Club of Brisbane (RTCB) offers trails for all ages, with dedicated tracks for pee-wees.

NO Membership, NO Licence and NO Registration are required to ride an RTCB Trail Ride Series event and there is no pre-entry!


  • Trials for All Ages
  • Long and Short Loops

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Summary: Best Dirt Bike Tracks Brisbane

Fort Lytton Moto-X Club– Caters to all ages, riding levels and bike sizes
– Professionally designed track with 12 stadium style jumps and banked turns
– Soil is a sandy base with clay soil for the jumps. Track is maintained on a weekly basis with its own earthmoving machines.
Show Listing
Brisbane Motorcycle Club– Holds racing events at two tracks at Nudgee in Brisbane and Harrisville in Ipswich
– Members range in age from 16-82 years old
– BMCC also hold ladies / junior ride days
Show Listing
Willowbank MX– 40 hectare block of land
– A range of tracks that are suitable for kids
– Maintained 5 days per week
– Has a training school
Show Listing
Ultimate Motocross– Great for beginners
– Junior and senior beginner coaching
– Practice nights
– Race once a month
Show Listing
Parklands MX Park– Open 7 days a week
– 5 different motor cross tracks
– Two tracks are just for kids
– Family-friendly and affordable
– Overnight camping at Kenilworth Homestead or at the town hotel
Show Listing
North Brisbane Junior MCC (NBJMCC)– Offers Practice Days – Junior and Senior Events – Ages 4+ – Multiple TracksShow Listing
Maleny Trail Riders Club– Profits Return To Riding Community – Suitable for Kids and Adults – Family FriendlyShow Listing
Gold Coast Motocross Club– 3 Tracks – Coaching Available – Practice Days – Ages 4+Show Listing
QLD Moto Park– 14 Tracks and Trails – Wash Down Bays (BYO Hose) – Camping – 1800+ AcresShow Listing
Lockyer National Park– Accepts Motorbike TouringLearn More
Reliability Trials Club of Brisbane– Trials for All Ages – Long and Short LoopsShow Listing
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