5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kids Dirt Bike

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kids Dirt Bike
How to choose the best bike

 Now that your child is ready to start riding dirt bikes, you might be considering buying them a bike. Here are some factors to consider before you make the big decision and buy them a bike:

1.     Get the Right Fit

If your child is short yet you want to buy them a dirt bike, consider getting one which you can change the height on. By lowering the suspension, you will pull the handlebar downwards so that your child reaches them comfortably until they are older. Later, you can raise the suspension. Alternatively, the motorcycle shop might cut the seat, thus lowering it so that your child reaches the ground with their feet. 

2.     Engine Size (cc’s)

If this is your child’s first dirt bike, they will find it easier to learn riding on a less powerful bike that is lightweight. The 50cc is the smallest engine size that you will get, and it is ideal for kids under age seven. Four-stroke dirt bikes make fantastic starters because they have relatively linear power delivery, making their throttle control easy. 

3.     Starter System – Electric vs. Kick Start

The essential feature of starter bikes is an electric starter engine because they are easy to ride. As your child grows older and gains experience, you can opt for kick start bikes. Older motorcycles had kick-starter technology, but newer ones use an electric starter. 

4.     Engine Type – Two-Stroke vs. Four-Stroke

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Kid’s dirt bikes are either two or four-stroke, and you must comprehend the difference between the two engine types before you spend your money. Four-stroke engines are ideal for beginners because it delivers power for every two rotations of the crankshaft. That helps in smooth acceleration and a broad power band, which reduces the frequency of scary stop-starts that your child might experience. 

On the other hand, two-stroke engines send power for every rotation of the crankshaft, thus gives them a high strength to weight ratio. Less moving parts means that the bike will have less weight so that it will keep up with large capacities. Stop starts on two-stroke bikes can be a little scarier than on four-strokes. Some two-stroke engines also require that you pre-mix oil and petrol before filling the tank. 

5.     Transmission

Small dirt bikes for kids have an automatic clutch. When your child doesn’t have to manage the clutch, they will have more time to learn balancing and steering the bike without worrying about changing gears manually. It is better to buy bikes with an automatic clutch for beginners and then move to the manual clutch when your child is older. 

5 Best Places To Ride Kids Dirt Bikes In Brisbane

Best kids dirt bike parks in brisbane

Parents of kids who ride dirt bikes always have that pressing question in their mind “Where to ride next?”. They are always on the lookout for places for their kids to have their next dirt bike adventure. It can be hard to find good kids dirt bike tracks in the local Brisbane area (in Queensland, Australia) – but there are certainly some around.

Here at kidsdirtbikehub.com.au we’ve done some research for you and we’ve come up with some of the very best places to ride dirt bikes (Brisbane) for your young dirt bike and pit bike riders.

The dirt bike and motorbike parts listed below are riding areas that allow unregistered kids dirt bikes on their tracks.

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1. Fort Lytton Moto-X Club (Lytton, Brisbane)

The Fort Lytton Motocross Club is located in the suburb of Lytton on the East Side of Brisbane only 25 minutes drive from the Brisbane CBD.
It caters for kids and adults and is open for both day and night time training and racing sessions. Coaching is also available. If you don’t yet have a dirt bike for your child, this club hires out the dirt bike as well if needed.
The track is a sandy based soil with clay for jumps. It is well maintained and has weekly repair using the facilities own earth moving equipment.
Another bonus of this club is that it is registered to take the government’s “fair play” voucher ($150).
Visit https://www.fortlyttonmx.com/ to find out more – or check out our directory listing here.

2. Brisbane Motorcycle Club (Nudgee and Greater Brisbane/Ipswich Brisbane)

The Brisbane Motorcycle Club has 2 different tracks in the Brisbane area. One is at Nudgee on the north side of the city, and the other is at Harrisville in the Ipswich area. The Harrisville track is a natural terrain track and is of high quality.
The club allows for riders of all ages and has Junior Ride days for younger riders. Membership is open to those from 16 – 82 in age.
For more information – check out our listing or visit their website.

3. Willowbank MX (Greater Brisbane/Ipswich)

Willowbank MX park is a very well designed dirt bike park situated on a 40 hectare block of land. It has a range of tracks that are suitable for kids, including a Pee-wee (PW) track and a Junior Stadium. If your child is a little tentative at riding on their own, then adults can ride with kids on the peewee tracks as long as they do so safely.
The Willowbank MX tracks are maintained 5 days per week.
In addition to this – Willowbank MX also has a training school if your child needs some non-parental instruction to improve their dirt bike riding.
No camping is available at this site and pets are also not allowed.

Website: www.willowbankmx.com.au

4. Ultimate Motocross (Various venues including Chandler, Brisbane)

Ultimate Motocross operates at Sleemans Sports Complex, Chandler in the outdoor velodrome on a grass track. The environment is great for beginners, as the track allows for great city “dirt bike riding” without the bumps, mud and dirt out in the countryside. They offer junior rider and senior beginner rider coaching. Practice nights are on Friday nights and there is the opportunity to race once a month. If you live in Brisbane and want to introduce your child to the world of dirt bike riding – then this venue is a great way to go!

Website: www.ultimatemotocross.com.au

5. Parklands MX Park (Greater Brisbane/Kenilworth)

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The Parklands MX Park is located in Kenilworth about 130km from Brisbane. The park is open 7 days a week. If you are travelling from Brisbane, it makes for a great kids dirt biking weekend adventure, with 5 different motor cross tracks to suit the whole family. Two of these tracks are just for kids, with one having small jumps and the other a flat track. There is also a track for intermediate riders and 2 other adult/more advanced tracks. With day rates of about $20 for those 15yrs and under, and $30 for 16 yrs and over – it offers a fun, family-friendly and affordable way to spend a dirt biking weekend. And if you have a bit of extra time, then there is overnight camping in the Kenilworth township and the showgrounds, Kenilworth Homestead or at the town hotel.

Website: www.parklandsmxpark.com.au

Fort Lytton Moto-X Club– Caters to all ages, riding levels and bike sizes
– Professionally designed track with 12 stadium style jumps and banked turns
– Soil is a sandy base with clay soil for the jumps. Track is maintained on a weekly basis with its own earthmoving machines.
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Brisbane Motorcycle Club– Holds racing events at two tracks at Nudgee in Brisbane and Harrisville in Ipswich
– Members range in age from 16-82 years old
– BMCC also hold ladies / junior ride days
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 Willowbank MX– 40 hectare block of land
– A range of tracks that are suitable for kids
– Maintained 5 days per wee
– Has a training school
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 Ultimate Motocross– Great for beginners
– Junior and senior beginner coaching
– Practice nights
– Race once a month
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Parklands MX Park  – Open 7 days a week
– 5 different motor cross tracks
– Two tracks are just for kids
– Family-friendly and affordable
– Overnight camping at Kenilworth Homestead or at the town hotel
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5 Steps On How To Ride A Dirt Bike!

How to ride a dirt bike

Do you need to know some simple steps to learn how to ride a dirt bike? Well, this is the best place to learn about riding on a dirt bike. Then you will be able to teach your child to ride a dirt bike.

  1. Get the bike ready and start the bike
  2. Learn the gears and simple controls
  3. Get used to the motorcycle accelerator and brake
  4. Practice falling and crashing
  5. Learn how to turn off the bike and pack it up
Get the motorbike ready

Once you’ve bought your bike you need to have a look for a few simple bits and pieces on your bike, some key things to look for would be: the fuel lever – to turn on and off the fuel, this can be on either side of the bike depending on the brand, the accelerator, usually located on the right side of the handlebars, the brakes, depending on the size and brand of the bike, the brake will either be on the left side were your foot is, or on the handlebars. In the beginning, it may all seem a bit confusing but you will get used to it all very quickly!

First, you will have to locate the fuel switch which is usually near the engine under the motorbike seat – turn this onto the ON position. Now find either the kick start or electric start. The kick start is usually near the engine – and the electric start is usually near the accelerator (on the handle bars).

Learn the basics of the motorcycle

Once you have turned on the bike learn the basics of the motorbike gears then practise changing them and getting used to finding neutral (this is usually just above gear 1).

This one is an important step that can save your life and stop you from having some motocross crashes! You need to learn how to use the brake before you learn how to use the accelerator. First, try pulling the brake in slowly and then try the accelerator slowly in first gear and then slow down again. This is a tricky step but an important step.

Practice falling and crashing your dirt bike

Another important step is to practice falling off your dirt bike and crashing your bike. This might seem strange but you want to be prepared for if/when you have an accident. Make sure you do this with your MX gear on so you don’t hurt yourself or your child. This is also a good strategy to get used to the weight and balance of your MX.

Turn the MX off and pack it up

The final step to learning how to ride a dirt bike is learning how to turn it off. To turn your bike off is actually rather simple – all you have to do is look for an OFF or emergency STOP button. You might have to hold this button down but the dirt bike should eventually turn off. Once you have done this turn the fuel switch back to OFF and put your bike undercover to protect it for next time you ride.

We hope these 5 tips on how to ride a dirt bike helped you learn some basic pointers and will help you stay safe while practising and learning on your MX.

Family​ Motorbike Riding Holidays

Motorcycle reviews, Motorcycle tutorials

One of the wonderful things about teaching your child to ride motorbikes is that it allows for great family dirt bike holidays. There are lots of great places in Australia where you can camp or caravan while also having the family ride motorbikes. These places have varying facilities. At some of them, you’ll need to “rough it” as there aren’t installed toilets or showers. At other places, you’ll have toilets showers and drinking water. At these places where you can motorbike ride and stay overnight, you are saved the hassle of fully packing up your bikes and gear each night. This can make the holiday a bit more relaxing for your family.

If you are not a camping/caravanning family, but you want to try a motorbiking holiday you might be best to find a good motorbike park with accommodation nearby. While this accommodation might be a little more expensive, it allows you to try out a motorbiking holiday without camping or caravanning or having to purchase all the equipment needed for these activities. (find a pic of motorbiking track with tent/caravan).

One of the holidays that created great memories for me as a child (when I was about 8), was going to a motorbike park in Blackbutt, Queensland where you could ride and camp. My parents and my brother and I set up at one campsite, and another family and their 4 boys set up close by. The tracks at the farm were all different difficulty levels, so all the kids of different ages had really good tracks to ride on. In between rides we could swim in the dam or just hang out together. At night both families got together for dinner around the campfire. In the evening we left all the bikes and gear ready to go for the next morning. It made for a great fun adventure holiday.