2021 KTM 85 SX 19/16 Review and Specs

kid dirt bike, kids dirtbike
kid dirt bike, kids dirtbike

For the competing racers who want to win

The KTM 85 SX 19/16 is designed to give every aspiring motocross racer a feel of the big world as every inch of design on this bike mimics the bikes of champions. In fact, this is one of the finest bikes as you can just take it out of the showroom and head to the racing tracks!

A key highlight of this bike is the lightweight and yet sturdy frame that makes it easy to handle this kids motorbike with relative ease for most kids aged around 7, 8, 9, and 10 years old. Needless to say, it delivers top-notch performance and comfort to the rider.

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2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16 Review and Specs

2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16 for sale

Allow your child to step into the big leagues with 2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16. It follows on the footsteps of champions with every part design imitating the big range motorcycles. KTM’s 85 SX’s lightweight and high-quality frame has a rocket ship engine that delivers unequalled performance. 85 SX 19/16 is referred to as a mini warrior that is an ultimate race weapon ready to step up to the podium. It is the best for junior class racers aged for 7-10 year old’s. For safer sprocket fixation, the 2020 model has a new transmission drive shaft fixing. Moreover, its muffler has been reworked with improved packing wool reducing its weight from the older model.

2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16 for sale
Source: KTM

KTM 85 SX 19/16 Specs: 

  • 84.9cc displacement
  • Two-stroke engine, 1-cylinder design
  • Bore x Stroke: 47mm X 48.95mm 
  • Kickstarter starter
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Wet, multi-disc clutch with formula hydraulics
  • WP XACT PDS mono-shock rear suspension
  • 240mm disc front brake
  • 210mm disc rear brake
  • 278mm front suspension travel
  • 362mm ground clearance
  • 890mm seat height
  • Weight: 68kg without fuel

Key Features

2020 KTM 85 SX 19/16 price
Source: KTM
  • Optimized balancing to reduce vibrations.
  • Light crankshaft.
  • New 19/16-wheel combination for advancing racers.
  • Improved wool packing reduces the bike’s weight.
  • Compact diaphragm spring with better performance.
  • 43mm WP XACT front fork with a design that ensures an easy adjustment when riding on any terrain.
  • Progressive damping system technology on the rear shock and excellent bump absorption and stability for riders.
  • Better mass centralization with its aluminium subframe.
  • High-end black coated rims.
  • The airbox allows air filter changes without necessarily using tools.
  • One of the fastest on tracks
  • High-performance harmonics engine
  • Designed for kids and even teens and can also accommodate lightweight newcomers
  • The optimized frame provides a great feeling to the rider as it is designed to soak up big hits
  • Handlebars can be adjusted to suit riders’ preferences
  • Provides maximum stability with the lowest possible weight
  • Sleek looking and appeals to the eye
  • Less durable
  • More costly to fix and maintain