Electric Dirt Bikes – Are They Good Kids Bikes?

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For a long time, I’ve shied away from writing an article on electric dirt bikes for kids. It’s really mainly because I only want to look at quality products – and years ago when I first looked at electric dirt bikes, I didn’t feel they were a quality product.  However in the last few years, quite a few new electric dirt bikes have come on the market, and I felt it was time to have another look at the Electric dirt bike offering.

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kids Dirt Bike

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kids Dirt Bike
How to choose the best bike

 Now that your child is ready to start riding dirt bikes, you might be considering buying them a bike. Here are some factors to consider before you make the big decision and buy them a bike:

1.     Get the Right Fit

If your child is short yet you want to buy them a dirt bike, consider getting one which you can change the height on. By lowering the suspension, you will pull the handlebar downwards so that your child reaches them comfortably until they are older. Later, you can raise the suspension. Alternatively, the motorcycle shop might cut the seat, thus lowering it so that your child reaches the ground with their feet. 

2.     Engine Size (cc’s)

If this is your child’s first dirt bike, they will find it easier to learn riding on a less powerful bike that is lightweight. The 50cc is the smallest engine size that you will get, and it is ideal for kids under age seven. Four-stroke dirt bikes make fantastic starters because they have relatively linear power delivery, making their throttle control easy. 

3.     Starter System – Electric vs. Kick Start

The essential feature of starter bikes is an electric starter engine because they are easy to ride. As your child grows older and gains experience, you can opt for kick start bikes. Older motorcycles had kick-starter technology, but newer ones use an electric starter. 

4.     Engine Type – Two-Stroke vs. Four-Stroke

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Kid’s dirt bikes are either two or four-stroke, and you must comprehend the difference between the two engine types before you spend your money. Four-stroke engines are ideal for beginners because it delivers power for every two rotations of the crankshaft. That helps in smooth acceleration and a broad power band, which reduces the frequency of scary stop-starts that your child might experience. 

On the other hand, two-stroke engines send power for every rotation of the crankshaft, thus gives them a high strength to weight ratio. Less moving parts means that the bike will have less weight so that it will keep up with large capacities. Stop starts on two-stroke bikes can be a little scarier than on four-strokes. Some two-stroke engines also require that you pre-mix oil and petrol before filling the tank. 

5.     Transmission

Small dirt bikes for kids have an automatic clutch. When your child doesn’t have to manage the clutch, they will have more time to learn balancing and steering the bike without worrying about changing gears manually. It is better to buy bikes with an automatic clutch for beginners and then move to the manual clutch when your child is older. 

5 Steps On How To Ride A Dirt Bike!

How to ride a dirt bike

Do you need to know some simple steps to learn how to ride a dirt bike? Well, this is the best place to learn about riding on a dirt bike. Then you will be able to teach your child to ride a dirt bike.

  1. Get the bike ready and start the bike
  2. Learn the gears and simple controls
  3. Get used to the motorcycle accelerator and brake
  4. Practice falling and crashing
  5. Learn how to turn off the bike and pack it up
Get the motorbike ready

Once you’ve bought your bike you need to have a look for a few simple bits and pieces on your bike, some key things to look for would be: the fuel lever – to turn on and off the fuel, this can be on either side of the bike depending on the brand, the accelerator, usually located on the right side of the handlebars, the brakes, depending on the size and brand of the bike, the brake will either be on the left side were your foot is, or on the handlebars. In the beginning, it may all seem a bit confusing but you will get used to it all very quickly!

First, you will have to locate the fuel switch which is usually near the engine under the motorbike seat – turn this onto the ON position. Now find either the kick start or electric start. The kick start is usually near the engine – and the electric start is usually near the accelerator (on the handle bars).

Learn the basics of the motorcycle

Once you have turned on the bike learn the basics of the motorbike gears then practise changing them and getting used to finding neutral (this is usually just above gear 1).

This one is an important step that can save your life and stop you from having some motocross crashes! You need to learn how to use the brake before you learn how to use the accelerator. First, try pulling the brake in slowly and then try the accelerator slowly in first gear and then slow down again. This is a tricky step but an important step.

Practice falling and crashing your dirt bike

Another important step is to practice falling off your dirt bike and crashing your bike. This might seem strange but you want to be prepared for if/when you have an accident. Make sure you do this with your MX gear on so you don’t hurt yourself or your child. This is also a good strategy to get used to the weight and balance of your MX.

Turn the MX off and pack it up

The final step to learning how to ride a dirt bike is learning how to turn it off. To turn your bike off is actually rather simple – all you have to do is look for an OFF or emergency STOP button. You might have to hold this button down but the dirt bike should eventually turn off. Once you have done this turn the fuel switch back to OFF and put your bike undercover to protect it for next time you ride.

We hope these 5 tips on how to ride a dirt bike helped you learn some basic pointers and will help you stay safe while practising and learning on your MX.

7 reasons to make them wear their kid’s​ motorbike gear!

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You might wonder why your child doesn’t want to wear their kid’s motocross gear, even when you ask them to! A good reason for this is that they don’t think anything bad is going to happen to them if they fall off.

Here are seven great reasons to show your child before next time they try to go off and ride without any of their gear on.

  1. A good habit to get into
  2. Protection from injury
  3. Designed to keep out dirt, dust and small branches
  4. Bluetooth microphones in helmets can be use for communication
  5. Most QLD moto parks need you to wear gear
  6. Looks stylish which can be good for competitions
  7. Weatherproof so you won’t get cold or wet
The habit of wearing motorbike gear

Making your child put on their motocross gear every time before they ride is a great habit for them to get into. This is because when your child gets a motorcycle licence they won’t need to get used to it later – which may also stop them from getting into trouble with the law!

Motorcycle gear protects you

Another great reason to make your child wear kids’ motocross gear is that it is designed to protect your child from getting injured. If your child hasn’t put on their motocross safety gear before they go for a motorbike ride, then if they slipped or something went wrong, your child could get seriously injured with gravel rash and even broken bones! This is why wearing motorbike gear is so important for your child.

Most kids’ motorbike gear is made to keep things out. Take children’s motorbike goggles, they keep dirt out, or motocross pants, which stop sticks from hitting and damaging your skin. The small gear might seem impractical until your child gets cut by a stick and the sore gets infected. Make sure your child wears all their gear every time they ride!

Bluetooth helmets help you communicate

Some kids motocross gear can also be very handy for communication. This is very convenient for when the whole family is riding. If your child falls off their dirt bike then they can just speak into their Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and the receiver will be able to hear them loud and clear through their own Bluetooth helmet. This is a great safety feature to have as part of your child’s MX safety gear, and it’s also great to be able to talk while you ride. You can even plan out the route and discuss which paths to choose while the ride is in progress.

The fifth reason to make your child wear their motorbike gear is that most QLD moto parks will make them wear their gear for safety and legal purposes. If they do not enforce that your child ride with kids motocross gear on and your child has an accident, they could get into trouble, be sued and even shut down if the incident is bad enough! Therefore you should check twice that your child is wearing riding gear before you send them off to a motorbike park.

Another reason for your child to wear MX gear while they ride is because most of the gear, especially motocross jerseys and motocross pants will look very stylish on your child. If your child is thinking of joining a competitive motorcycle club then this gear can be a great advantage for them. This is especially true if they have a well know logo or brand on their motorcycle clothes!

Most motorbike gear is weatherproof

The final reason that your kid should wear their dirt bike gear is that most of the motorcycle gear is weather-resistant or waterproof. This is great if your child is riding their dirt bike and it starts raining. This is also a great feature to have because it can prevent your child from getting sick if they are riding in the rain, or if the air is cold!

We hope these 7 reasons help to show you why you should make your children put on their motorcycle safety gear every time before they ride, and show them all of the benefits of using their gear that they might not have previously known!