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2021 Kawasaki KLX110R Review & Specs

Updated: Oct 02, 2023
Dirt bikes for kids, kid dirt bike
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Dirt bikes for kids, kid dirt bike

Best dirt bike for youth riders

dirt bike 110cc, dirt bikes for youth
Source: Kawasaki

The Kawasaki KLX110R bike was not launched so long ago, yet it is the stepping stone for young riders to develop to the next level of dirt riding. The 110R is great for bush tracks or riding at one of the many motocross parks in Australia. This Kawasaki bike is a great progression for those who’ve had a smaller Kawasaki dirt bike or a great starter bike for an older child or teen who’s just learning. 

Any mini-motor enthusiast will enjoy using the 2021 Kawasaki KLX110R because it is packed with kid-friendly aspects such as an adjustable throttle limiter, 4-speed transmission system with an automatic clutch, a lower chain guard, several heat shields, and a lower chain guard. 

The lightweight, lively engine makes KLX110R perfect for anyone the right size to grip the riding handle. Thanks to the proper proportioning of this dirt bike, you wouldn’t identify it quickly as a mini bike by looking at the photos. However, the saddle is small enough for a child but pretty cramped for an adult. 

2021 KLX110R Top Features 

  1. There is a longer, stiffer rear shock compared to older versions and the swingarm pivot is lowered.
  2. The fork has been tuned up to match the suspension accordingly.
  3. The travel has been increased, and the fork legs have a bigger axle under hang.
  4. A responsive engine that pulls well gear to gear without any hitches.

Kawasaki 110R – Starter System

The KLX110R has an electric starter with a kill switch to make it easy for beginners to ride it. In case you drain the battery’s power, this dirt bike has a manual kick-starter to get you back in motion. 

KLX110R Specifications (Specs)

Dirt bikes for kids, kid dirt bike
Source: Kawasaki

1.     Engine

  • Type – 2-stroke engine with a power valve. 
  • Compression ratio – 8:7:1.
  • Displacement – 99cc.
  • Fuel – 28mm PWK carburettor.
  • Induction – Reed Valve.
  • Bore x Stroke – 52.5 x 45.8mm.

2.     Chassis

  • Brakes – Disk.
  • Front Suspension- Travel.
  • Rear Tire – 90/100 x 19.
  • Front Tire – 90/100 x 16.

3.     Dimensions

  • Curb weight – 77.1kgs.
  • Seat height – 871.22 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 1310.64 mm. 
  • Rake – 29 degrees.
  • Ground clearance – 330.2 mm. 
  • Trail – 109.22 mm. 
  • Fuel capacity – 4.92 litres. 
  • • It has the required safety features that dirt-riding beginners require
  • • Offers natural progression as the rider grows and becomes more experienced
  • • Lacks essential off-roading capacities of a full-sized dirt bike
  • • Cannot ride the bike on a major road because it doesn’t have a headlamp, turn indicators, an instrument cluster, or even a tail lamp
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