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2021 OSET 20R MKII Lipo Review and Specs

Updated: Jun 03, 2023
electric dirt bike, kids electric bike
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electric dirt bike, kids electric bike
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Are you ready for the competition trials? The 20R MKII Lipo arriving in May-June 2021 is the go-to bike for parents and riders interested in high-performance (electric) dirt bikes. The 2021 model innovation boasts of reduced bike weight, and quality designed ergonomics, something to be admired. The 20R MKII Lipo allows for adjustments to suit the rider’s style. The adjustable suspension allows for adjustments to suit the rider’s weight.

The motorbike bike is lithium powered to allow young riders to develop as well as enhance their riding skills. Besides, the bike is electric, meaning it does not need petrol and doesn’t heat up. What’s more, the bike is virtually silent meaning it does not make noise. Riders can ride anywhere; the bike can go to places other bikes can’t. 

20R MKII Lipo Features 

  1. The powerful 48V, 20Ah, Lithium battery comes with charging and discharging ports. 
  2. It is designed with beautiful electric bolt graphics. 
  3. The strong frames, padded chins, and thin grips with magnetic switches prioritize the safety of all the riders.
  4. The key switch is separate and removable, meaning parents can easily supervise the kids as they ride. 
  5. Gears can be changed easily because the swingarm and sprocket, and sprocket carriers are lightweight. 
  6. The 3-dial system and OSET controller allow parents to easily adjust the power, speed, and all the characteristic responses of the bike.
  7. The power can be set at a very slow, low power, walking pace, or a competitive maximum power level machine. 

2021 20R MKII Lipo Specs (Specifications)

  • Seat height: 55 cm. 
  • Weight: 34.7kgs.
  • Ground clearance: 29 cm.
  • Handlebar height: 98 cm. 
  • Hydraulic disc front and rear brakes: 18 x 16 cm. 
  • The weight limit for riders: 50kg.
  • 48V, 3ah, Lithium-Ion battery system.
  • Telescopic air front fork suspension system.
  • Adjustable preload and oil dampened rear suspension 
  • Adjustable power, speed, and response controller. 
  • Power, speed, and response are adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Exciting graphics loved by kids
  • Very quiet
  • Quite expensive

Images were sourced from OSET

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