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2021 OSET 24 Racing Review and Specs

Updated: Jun 03, 2023
electric dirt bike, electric kids motorbikes
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electric dirt bike, electric kids motorbikes
electric dirt bike, electric kids motorbikes

OSET 24 Racing is probably the most exciting and fun electric motorbike ever designed. 

This junior and entry-level bike comes with a special ground-up design that places the OSET 24 Racing in new territories and heights. The battery, motor, and controller have been designed to work harmoniously but powerfully. It shares very few of its components with other OSET bikes.

The OSET 24 Racing is not just limited to competing in all the junior classes, but it is a force to reckon with even in the C Grade and Senior Clubman classes. The 43.18 x 8.89cm and 48.26 x 6.35cm rear wheels offer superior traction during all competitive situations. 

Even though the suspension is designed for young riders with a maximum weight of 61kgs, the optional springs allow this bike to handle riders up to 91 kgs. This is to say, it’s not just a kids’ bike, it can handle heavier adults as well.

This electric kids dirt bike accommodates riders of diverse ages with diverse riding interests. It offers maximum entertainment value to mountain bikers, kids and adult trail riders and cool parents. 

OSET 24 Racing Features 

  1. The powerful 48V mega punch battery can move juniors and adults of up to 90kgs up the roughest and steepest terrains. The 4 hours of battery life at full speed is quite impressive. Even better, this battery can last longer when you ride slowly. It takes 8-10 hours to recharge fully.
  2. Because of the light steel trellis frames, adjustable compression, and preload as well as the trick RST front forks, the torque can be easily managed. Even with all the qualities of a high spec bike, OSET 24 is still a fun and exciting bike.
  3. As long as you weigh 90kg or less, you can tweak the adjustments to suit your preferred weight and riding style. 
  4. The 48.26cm hoops and lightweight frames become instantly responsive when they hit the dirt. The rubber tyres provide a firm grip on loose and wet ground to avoid skidding. The fact that it is not as lightweight as a mountain bike is a plus because the extra weight makes the bike feel more planted in muddy paths. 
  5. The brake is efficient when it comes to handling excess momentum, over rough terrain the lever provides a progressive feel which gives better braking confidence. 
  6. The bike is very comfortable. The low weight, tall handlebars, and low mount footpegs reduce fatigue significantly.

2021 OSET 24 Racing Specs (Specifications)

  • Spring fork, compression adjustment, and oil damping front suspension. 
  • Preload and compression adjustment rear shock suspension.
  • Ground clearance: 31.5 cm.
  • Seat height: 67 cm. 
  • Wheelbase: 12.15 cm. 
  • Handlebar height: 10.90 cm. 
  • Wheelbase: 48.26 x 6.35cm.
  • Weight: 46.8kg. 
  • Adjustable controller
  • 1400W, 48V motor. 
  • Maximum rider weight: 90.0kg.
  • Lithium batteries with charging and discharging ports. 
  • Quiet yet powerful motor
  • Chassis is easily accessible
  • Has very minimal maintenance requirements
  • No need for piston replacements, valve adjustments, or pilot jet cleaning
  • Very expensive
  • Has no fast charging system

Images were sourced from OSET.

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