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Dirt Bike Training Wheels – Yes or No?

Updated: Oct 06, 2023
Dirt bike reviews, Australia
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Dirt bike reviews, Australia
kids motorbike with training wheels

It might come as a surprise but yes, training wheels can be attached to kids’ dirt bikes. Not everybody agrees they are necessary, but you can’t deny that an extra set of wheels can be helpful for someone who’s only beginning to ride. If you are thinking about purchasing dirt bike training wheels, here are some of the things you should think about.

Purpose of Kids Motorbike Training Wheels

There is some contention about the purpose of training wheels. Given the name, are these wheels supposed to “train” a beginner on how to ride a bike? Well, yes and no. Training wheels are designed to help someone, often a child, get comfortable on a bike. However, the apparatus won’t teach the rider how to balance — an essential skill for actually riding a bike. 

With traditional bicycles, the primary purpose of training wheels is to help keep the rider stay upright as they become familiar with the motions of pedalling, which can be difficult to learn on its own, especially for a child. Imagine learning how to pedal at the same time that you’re learning how to balance! So yes, in a way, training wheels can teach a kid how to ride but they accomplish only part of the equation.

But how about training wheels for dirt bikes? Even though there is no need to pedal when on a dirt bike, training wheels are still helpful in keeping the rider stable as they learn how to brake, steer, and throttle. 

Advantages of Dirt Bike Training Wheels

motorbike training wheel

There is some contention as to whether training wheels are necessary for kids that are learning how to ride a dirt bike.

The truth is, many kids go on to become successful junior riders without ever attaching training wheels on their starter bikes! But that doesn’t mean training wheels are not helpful. 

Remember that each child is different. One child might find it effortless to steer a dirt bike after a couple of tries while another might have trouble keeping their balance as they learn how to throttle.  That said, when and why should you consider installing dirt bike training wheels?

The rider is very young. If the child is younger than six years old, training wheels can be a great support as they learn how to balance on a bigger and faster bike. To build confidence. Even if a child knows how to balance on a traditional bike, they might not be immediately comfortable on a dirt bike. Training wheels can help a young rider build their confidence especially as they explore new terrains.

For safety. Training wheels can add an extra layer of safety for very young riders. The wheels can help prevent them from toppling over as they grapple with braking on time, steering correctly, increasing their speed, and putting their feet down after braking. That said, always dress your child in full protective gear when going out for a ride.

Disadvantages of Dirt Bike Training Wheels

Dirt bike training wheels are a fantastic option for beginner riders but they come with a few disadvantages as well. Usually, when these disadvantages become apparent, it is a signal for the training wheels to go.

Ironically, for something designed to help your child stay upright, prolonged use of training wheels can impede a child’s ability to balance properly.

Training wheels should stay on dirt bikes only up to the point when the child learns how to use the controls while in motion. When your junior rider has become comfortable with braking, using the throttle, steering, and putting their feet down upon stopping then it’s time to remove the extra wheels.

Are Kids Motorbike Training Wheels Universal?

Most motorbike training wheels on the market today are universal and fit 50cc entry-level motorcycles. Most of the options on Amazon are a complete kit that you can readily attach to the dirt bike like this Alvey training wheels set.

So Do I Buy Kids Motorbike Training Wheels?

Dirt bike reviews, Australia

Now that you know how training wheels can help (and when they stop being helpful), should you buy them for your child? If you’re still unsure, another thing you should consider before investing in motorbike training wheels is your own ability to teach your child.

Most parents who ride dirt bikes well are confident enough to teach their kids without the help of training wheels. It could be because they didn’t need the set of extra wheels when they were learning! 

You should also think about how much time and energy you are willing to invest in teaching your child. If you are opting out of training wheels, it means you should be very hands-on right off the bat!

Finally, you should install training wheels with the full understanding that they are meant to come off after a short time. These are designed to support young riders but not to teach them the exact mechanics of riding a dirt bike.

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