2021 KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Review and Specs

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For the fastest riders on the planet

KTM 50 SX Factory edition comes with a host of features that make it ideal for those fast riders who compete on some of the most challenging terrains in the world. These bikes are designed to provide the highest performance coupled with the right stability and high-end suspensions to give riders complete control over their bikes.

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Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Buying Guide 2020

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Why should teens and adults have all the fun? An electric dirt bike for kids can be a great way to introduce children to motocross and encourage a love for the trail at an early age.

Getting them out of the house and onto the tracks, electric e-bikes are ideal for helping youngsters to learn balance and throttle whilst also promoting rider readiness and building confidence. 

However, choosing the best children’s electric dirt bike can be a challenge since there are multiple points to consider.  

To make your life easier, I will examine this further, breaking down the basics and concepts that you need to consider when choosing the right one for your child.

What is an electric dirt bike?

Promising power, speed and improved safety and control, electric dirt bikes have been designed for off-road tracks and closed trails. 

In many ways, they are similar to a traditional dirt bike, however they feature a battery and electric motor that generates power.  

Be aware that laws and regulations related to electric bikes on the road do vary by state and country. As a result, it is important to check out the rules in your local area before investing.

How do I choose the best electric dirt bike for my child?

When selecting the ideal battery-powered transport for your mini dirt bike rider, the most important points to consider include:


As with most things, the more money you spend, the better quality your purchase. 

However, the best models can be expensive and seeing your child breaking your expensive pit bike, may be a deal breaker. It can also be quite a significant outlay if they change their mind. 

If your child is just starting out, consider a second-hand or a refurbished motorbike, and make sure to check dirt bike reviews for the best affordable models.

Child’s Age

The best electric dirt bike for kids is one that is age-appropriate. 

It is suggested that once a child is capable of riding a bicycle without training wheels, they are old enough to ride an electric dirt bike. 

Most kid’s dirt bikes are age-specific, and you should also take your child’s size, skill level and experience into consideration. 

For example, you may wish to opt for a lower power dirt bike (350watts) until they have grown in confidence. By contrast, you could a buy 650watt electric dirt bike for a 12 year old rider.

Minimum Safety Measures 

Motocross can be a dangerous sport, and there must be appropriate safety measures in place to avoid an accident. 

Dirt bike riders should always wear a helmet, pads and goggles to protect their eyes from dirt and mud. 

As well as the usual bike safety measures, children also need to be aware of the importance of driving safely. 

Electric dirt bikes can be safer than traditional dirt bikes as they do not have the hot motor and exhaust and do not need petrol.

Give them a safety lesson before they ride to ensure that they know how to handle it and how to sort out unexpected moments.

Motor Power in a Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

motor bikes, kid dirt bikes

The motor power of any electric motorbike dictates the speed and torque (important for this category). 

Typically, electric dirt bikes are usually between 350 to 650 watts, similarly to an e-MTB.

Although speed is very much part of the fun, it can be dangerous. For younger children or newbie dirt riders, a less powerful bike is recommended.

Suspension and Brakes

If you are riding over rough terrain, decent suspension is necessary to ensure safer handling and a smooth ride. 

You should also make sure that the dirt e-bike is equipped with specially designed brakes for motocross sports.

Weight and Size

One of the most important points to consider is the height and weight of the child in relation to the bike you choose. 

Small Kid’s electric dirt bikes often have a weight limit of around 20kgs; therefore it is important to check your child’s weight in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

To check that your purchase is the right one, your child’s hands should easily be able to reach the handle and make sure that their feet can touch the ground.

Electric vs. Traditional Electric Dirt Bikes


  • Safety:  Electric dirt bikes are considered to be much safer when compared to those with petrol engines, with the engines on the latter running much hotter.
  • Suitable for Beginners: Improved ease of use and control means that electric dirt bikes are a great option for kids and beginners.
  • Friendlier Choice: Electric dirt bikes are much quieter than gas bikes, so they are much less likely to annoy the neighbours. Plus, they are much cleaner and better for the environment.
  • Easier for non-mechanical parents to maintain  


  • Limited Battery: Ride time on an electric dirt bike is limited, and as a result, long ride days may not be possible.
  • Decreased Power Delivery: Electric dirt bikes tend not to be quite as powerful as traditional ones.
  • Maintenance has to be more frequent than high-end electric bikes with almost similar characteristics.

Difference between electric dirt bikes and high performance electric mountain bikes 

electric kids motorbikes, motorbikes for kids

At this point, you have learnt most of the basic concepts regarding e-dirt bikes. 

I know I get very excited on how powerful and fun dirt bikes can be, however I have also found that a lot of e-MTB can deliver top quality for kids.

Over my research for trusted electric mountain bike reviews, I landed on a few good alternatives at Electric Bike Advisor.

According to their analysis, most full suspension electric mountain bikes, such as the Giant Trance E+ 3 Pro, are a viable alternative to a kids electric dirt bike. 

Regardless of their opinion, I think that the obvious difference is the size and most likely the final price.

In addition to the above, not all kids would be able to enjoy an e-mountain bike due to their size and weight (roughly 30 kgs).

Wrap Up

Advancements in technology and electric motorsports have meant that the world of electronic bikes is constantly changing.  

Remember to always make sure that children are kitted out in the relevant safety gear, including a quality helmet, goggles and elbow and kneepads.

I know there is more information relevant to this topic, however, this buying guide has examined the basics you should know when selecting the best electric dirt bike for kids.

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Guest post by Philip T: Philip has been in the e-mountain bike world for more than four (4) years. His passion has made him a top writer, reviewer and editor of Electric Bike Advisor.

2020 Honda CRF50F Review

2020 Honda CRF50F review, kids dirt bike review

Age (3-6yrs)

The 2020 Honda CRF50F is like the modern version of the beloved classic, Z50. It has received crucial updates to raise its performance levels. The 4-stroke engine is famously reliable because it has reduced the hassles and frustrations that had been brought by previous models.

This is one of the most trusted dirt bikes in the Honda family and the dirt bike industry. It is a great introductory bike because it is very easy to ride even for the smallest bike lovers. It is a great platform for control, power, and ease of riding. It will surely ignite a passion for dirt bikes in your kids.

Its four-stroke, 49cc motor, 3 gears, and no clutch interaction generate steady power that is quite easy to control. Once your little rider engages one gear, he/she will not need to worry about other factors like stopping or balancing.


2020 Honda CRF50F review, kids dirt bike review
  • Kick starter function
  • 3-speed – Automatic clutch
  • Automatic clutch
  • 10.0:1 compression ratio
  • Curb weight 50 Kgs.
  • CD ignition
  • 4-stroke
  • 49cc air-cooled single-cylinder
  • Fuel capacity 2.6 litres – includes 0.7-litre reserve
  • Red colour 


  • Front and rear suspension for maximum comfort
  • Light and powerful front and rear drum brakes
  • Honda race inspired colours and graphics
  • Long-wearing tires that are also wide to provide excellent traction
  • Steel frame and swingarm for strength and compliance.
  • Large 25.4-cm, 28-spoke wheels with aluminium hubs for maneuverability and smooth quality of rides
  • Excellent comfort provided by the adjustable rear shock and USD suspension
  • Key ignition and throttle limiter for parental safety
  • The 4-stroke engine has better fuel consumption compared to 2-stroke engines
  • It only has the kick-start feature which can be complex for little riders to master easily.
  • Lacks clutch, making it a bit boring for riders interested in mastery of gear shifting
  • The transmission is not the best for beginners who might prefer a “twist and go” style ride.

2020 Yamaha PW50 Review

2020 PW50 review, peewee 50 review

Best Overall Dirt Bike for 3-6 Year Old’s

Yamaha Peewee 50

Age (3-6yrs) 

The 2020 Yamaha PeeWee 50 comes as a clean and quiet design with heat shields for your child’s safety. The engineers have gone out of their way to add a lightweight pipe close to the engine for more ground clearance and improved safety and convenience. The 3-spoke steel wheels are strong so that even though the Yamaha weighs only 39kgs, it will deliver many years of fun.

You will be able to instantly recognize this legendary bike created for the younger end of the spectrum. Just like the Yamaha TT-R50E, and unlike other Yamaha kids’ dirt bikes, the Yamaha PW50 comes with a 2-stroke engine that doesn’t need premixing. Its air-cooled engine lubricates itself using an inhouse fuel injection system.

Separating it from the TT-R50, Yamaha PW50 is equipped with an automatic transmission so that the young riders can twist the throttle as they go. The power is then transferred to the shaft drive so that your child can maintain stability. 

In case your kid gets a little over-enthusiastic, Yamaha has enabled you to put a stop to that excitement through the throttle limiting technology.

It also comes with a super low-seat height of 48.5cm, perfect for small riders. 


2020 PW50 review, peewee 50 review
Source: Yamaha
  • Air-cooled, 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine
  • Wet, centrifugal automatic clutch
  • CDI ignition system
  • Kick start system
  • Shaft transmission 
  • 49cc displacement
  • 85.5 cm wheel-base
  • 2.0-litre fuel tank capacity
  • 0.3-litre oil tank capacity 


  • Clean and quiet shaft drive system with low maintenance, perfect for new riders.
  • The smooth, responsive and fully automatic gearbox provides a friendly “twist and go” performance  
  • Throttle limiter gives parents the ability to adjust to the speed that is safe and suits the riders’ skills
  • The low seat, handlebar layout makes riding very easy for beginners.
  • It might weigh only 39kgs but it will deliver many years of fun
  • The 25.4 cm, 3-spoke wheels provide a strong grip and are very easy to clean.
  • It is made up of high strength and low weight polypropylene.
  • Bright white and blue graphics give it a beautiful sporty image
  • Yamaha PW50 features a heat shield adding protection to the rider.  
  • It Allows for 2-stroke fun without the stress of mixing fuel.
  • The automatic transmission is perfect for younger riders to master
  • Comes with a shaft-drive that keeps maintenance down
  • It will eventually require maintenance in the long run, being a 2-stroke
  • Its target is smaller riders but they will most likely outgrow it much faster than other alternative models.

2019 Honda CRF110F Review

2019 Honda CRF110F, Dirt Bike Review

Age group: 8-11

The 2019 Honda CRF110F is designed for youngsters who love sport, adventures and dirt bikes. It’s built by Honda with over 70 years of experience in manufacturing dirt bikes and mini bikes, the quality product they produce is one of the best in the Australian market.

The 2019 Honda CRF110F has an advanced electronic fuel-injection system for predictable throttle reaction and reliable power delivery. It also has a new steel twin-spar frame that enhances the bike’s comfort and functionality. This bike has a four-speed clutchless transmission which makes it easy for riders who are not yet confident with a manual clutch. The extra thickness of foam (5mm increase) makes the 2019 Honda CRF110F more comfortable, as does the additional travel in the rear suspension (12mm). It also has a few nice features such as dual electric start and kick start, a low-fuel warning light and a fuel injection system that won’t let the carburettor jets clog. It also has a throttle-limiter screw so the instructor can match the bike’s power to each riders’ capabilities.

2019 Honda CRF110F Specifications:

2019 Honda CRF110F, Dirt Bike Review
Source: Honda

Engine type: 109cc, air-cooled, four strokes, one-cylinder

Bore and Stroke: 50mm x 55.6mm

Compression ratio: 9.0:1

Valve Train: SOHC; two-valve

Carburation: Fuel injection

Ignition: DC-CDI

Starter: Electric and kick

Transmission: 4 speed

Clutch: Automatic

Final drive: Chain

Front suspension: Telescopic fork, 100mm travel

Rear suspension: Swingarm, 97mm travel

Front Tires: 70/100-14

Rear Tires: 80/100-12

Seat height: 665cm

Weight: 77 Kg

Fuel capacity: 3.7 L

2019 Honda CRF110F Features

  • Automated four-speed gearbox and clutch for ease of learning and riding
  • The throttle can be adjusted, making the bike safer for different ability levels
  • Convenient electric starter and an energy reserve in case the battery fails
  • Low seat height, making it perfect for different size riders
  • Keyed ignition

2019 Honda CRF50F Review

2019 Honda CRF50F, dirt bike review

Age group 13 and above

The 2019 Honda CRF50F is designed for young dirt bike riders just starting. It has a strong frame that can withstand nearly anything. The 2019 Honda CRF50F and the classic 1986 model of the mini-trail dirt bike basic designs are similar, although a massive upgrade has been done to it since that time. The fame of this model in itself speaks for its durability, the only person that will probably be sad that you got this product is your mechanic. 

A major problem with most kids dirt bikes is that their tires get punctured easily but kids Honda dirt bikes has found a way around this because the CRF50F tire has been inculcated with a substance that cannot be punctured. For a child starting, a dirt bike like this is needed; the 2019 Honda CRF50F is available for sale in Australia for your child.

2019 CRF50F specifications

2019 Honda CRF50F, dirt bike review
Source: Honda

Engine Type: 49cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve train: SOHC; 2 valves
Bore and Stroke: 39mm x 41.4mm
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Carburation: 13mm piston-valve
Ignition: CDI
Starter system: kick
Driveline: 420-chain; 14TT/37T
Transmission: 3-speed
Clutch: Automatic
Weight: 50 Kg
Front suspension: Inverted telescopic fork; 87mm stroke
Rear suspension: single shock; 70mm travel
Front brakes: 80mm leading Drum
Rear brakes: 80mm leading drum
Front tires: 2.50 25.4cm
Rear tires: 2.50 25.4cm
Seat height: 548 cm
Fuel capacity: 2.6 L Including 0.8 L reserve

2019 Honda CRF50f Features:

  • Can limit the speed of the bike by altering the throttle limiter to match the skill of the rider.
  • Low cost of maintenance due to the durability of the engine and the strength of the chassis.
  • Easy to ride as a result of its automated clutching system allows riders to focus on riding. 
  • Frames are made to steel to ensure durability.
  • Suitable handle to ensure a comfortable gripping for even the smallest kid

2019 Kawasaki KLX110L Review

2019 Kawasaki KLX110L, Dirt Bike Review

Age range: 13 and above

The 2019 Kawasaki KLX110L is a great all-round kids dirt bike and its size means that it’s versatile enough to fit a quickly growing child. 
The 2019 Kawasaki KLX110L will put a smile on both your face and your child’s face. The 110L is an enhancement on the success of the KAWASAKI KLX110, but this model gives experienced dirt bike riders a greater degree of control over gear selection. It is also slightly higher but still gives as much comfort to its riders while being easier to manoeuvre. This combo is perfect for dirt bike racers with a taste for speed. Coupled with 111cc four-stroke engine, you’re in for a great ride.

The 2019 Kawasaki KLX110L comes with an electric or kickstart option. It also has an adjustable throttle limiter and will only start in neutral. As well as this the 2019 Kawasaki KLX110L has extra safety by providing multiple heat shields and a lower chain guard. It has a manual clutch and four gears, with a low first gear. This combination allows for quick acceleration from starting the bike and allows the rider to take advantage of every bit of the Kawasaki’s power.

The bikes architecture resembles the champion Kawasaki KX450F. The Kawasaki KLX110L is a solid offering as a young person’s dirt bike.

2019 Kawasaki KLX110L Specifications: 

2019 Kawasaki KLX110L, Dirt Bike Review
Source: Kawasaki

Engine type: 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder
Seat height: 730mm
Displacement: 112cm3 
Bore and Stroke: 53 x 50.6 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Valve System: SOHC 2 valves 
Fuel system: Keihin PB18
Ignition: Digital CDI
Starting: Kick or Electric Start
Transmission: 4-speed, return
Clutch: Wet multi-disc, manual
Frame: Steel backbone
Wheel travel-front: 140mm
Wheel travel-rear: 132 mm
Tyre size-front: 2.50-14 4PR
Tyre Size-rear: single shock
Suspension-front: 30mm telescopic fork
Suspension-rear: single-shock
Brakes-front: Drum 90mm
Brakes-rear: Drum 110mm
L x W x H: 1560 x 650 x 990 mm
Wheelbase: 1075mm
Fuel capacity: 3.6litres
Weight: 76 Kg

2019 Kawasaki KLX110L Features:

  • The engine is easy to maintain and work.
  • Easy to use clutch system
  • Electric starter for convenient starting and quick accessibility
  • Heat protectors protecting the rider from the heat generated by the dirt-bike.
  • Gear ratio that is easy to operate and master for first-time riders.
  • Designed in motocross style giving the rider that sport-star appeal