2021 Kawasaki KX85 Review & Specs

2021 Kawasaki KX85, kids motorcycle reviews

Best 2-stroke 85cc kids motorbike

2021 Kawasaki KX85, kids motorcycle reviews
Source: Kawasaki

You can get your child’s racing career started using the KX85 kids dirt bike. With a high performing engine and race-ready suspension, this KX85 is the ideal bike to use. The suspension travel on this 75-kg bike is almost 279 mm on both ends. Its shock is fully adjustable, and the damping adjustments are limited to rebound damping. 

With minimalistic bodywork, a flat slim fuel tank design, and a flat seat, racers have a high chance of moving at high speed. Thanks to the low positioned fuel cap on this KX85, you will have an easy time moving across the length. 

This KX85 features petal shaped discs, both at the front and the back, to improve their stopping power. Also, the pull-type clutch ensures smooth operation and easy maintenance. The right-hand engine power offers a separate clutch cover for fast servicing without detaching the water pump. 

KX85 performance

Kawasaki kids bikes, motorbike reviews
Source: Kawasaki

With a powerful 2-stroke engine that is liquid-cooled and a performance engineered engine, the KX85 uses several high-performance design features and a low-friction ring piston for sharp throttle response and high power. The cylinder has an efficient combustion chamber design. This KX85 has a large radiator that is constructed to conform to the engine’s performance – which works hand in hand with the excellent power output to keep the biker cool even when the racing action gets hot. 

An adjustable handlebar allows users to custom-fit to their riding position and he mounting brackets feature 2-position forward-backward adjustment. The optional spacers have three areas to allow riders to change the height. Thanks to the six-speed transmission system of the KX85, you can shift the bike in any position you like, courtesy of the hard chromed shift forks, and new bushings that are added to the gears. 

Top Features 

  1. Integrated power valve system for enhanced torque and horsepower.
  2. Comes with a large, built-in radiator to keep the engine cold when racing.
  3. The 6-way adjustable handlebar position that enables riders to ride in any position.
  4. Slim flat seat design. 
  5. A potent 85cc 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine. 
  6. Available in two sizes. 

Detailed Specifications (specs)

Kids motorbike reviews, Kawasaki kids motorcycles
Source: Kawasaki

1.     Engine

  • Type – 2-stroke Single.
  • Compression ratio – ow speed 10.9:1, high speed 9.0:1.
  • Displacement – 84600 mm³.
  • Fuel – Carburettors: Keihin PWK 28.
  • Induction – Reed Valve. 
  • Bore x Stroke – 48.5 X 45.8 mm.

2.     Chassis

  • Brakes – petal disc with dual-piston calliper.
  • Front Suspension- Ø36 mm inverted telescopic with fork 20-way compression damping.
  • Rear Tire – 90/100-16.
  • Front Tire – 70/100-19.

3.     Dimensions

  • Curb weight – 75.0 kg.
  • Seat height – 830 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 1,265 mm.
  • Rake – 29 degrees.
  • Ground clearance – 290 mm.
  • Trail – 109.22 mm. 
  • Fuel capacity – 5.0 litres.
  • Slim bodywork and racy graphics makes it look good when racing
  • Available in two sizes to fit everyone that wants to ride it
  • Not everyone will like the raised shape

kx85 FAQ’s

2020 Kawasaki KX85 Review and Specs

KX85 specs and images

KX85 age range: 7-10 Year Olds

2020 KX85 Kawasaki
Source: Kawasaki

The 2020 Kawasaki KX 85 can be rightfully described as a sizeable bike in a little package. This dirt bike has been deliberately improved so that it meets the standards of youth racers looking for a bike that can give them an upper hand over their competitors. 

The KX85 comes equipped with a power valve system that is easy to use and control. 

KX85 Specs:

KX 85 Specs, KX85 for sale
Source: Kawasaki
  • 84.6cc engine displacement.
  • 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, single valve engine system.
  • Final drive: Chain.
  • Electric CDI ignition with a digital advance.
  • Compression ratio speed: 9.0:1 (high) 10.9:1 (low) 
  • It has a 6-speed, wet manual clutch with return shift transmission system.
  • Fuel system: 28mm Keihin carburetor.
  • High tensile steel perimeter frame with a subframe member.
  • Bore x stroke: 48.5 x 45.8 mm.
  • Overall length: 182.88 cm.
  • Overall width: 76.6 cm.
  • Overall height: 109.98 cm.
  • Seat height: 83.06 cm.
  • Ground clearance: 28.96 cm.
  • Curb weight including oil, gas, etc.: 74.8 Kg
  • Wheel-base: 126.5 cm
  • Fuel capacity: 5 litres
  • Colour: Lime green.
  • Warranty: none available.

2020 KX 85 Key Features 

  • The adjustable handlebars provide extra room for kids’ growth. 
  • The 2-stroke engine boosts the performance of the bike.
  • The strong braking performance is exceptional, because of the improved 220mm disc at the front and 184mm disc at the rear. 
  • The slim body works provide for an easier transition when riding. Added to this is the low positioned fuel cap to make transitioning from the rear to the front part of the motorcycle easier.
  • This bike’s pull-type clutch actuation improves operations and allows for easy maintenance. 
  • The second, third, and fourth gears have hard chromed shift forks and new bushings added to them to offer positive shifting action and rugged durability. 
  • Kawasaki KX85’s image has been strengthened further by the black alunite rings, fork guards, together with the green adonized finish on the suspension adjusters. 
  • Because the radiator in Kawasaki KX85 has been enlarged, it matches the engine power perfectly. It works hand in hand with the power output. These features keep everything cool when the action gets too hot.
  • The forks on this bike offer efficient damping and higher resistance so that the rider can achieve an even higher pace with maximum comfort. 
  • Again, this bike has petal-shaped discs to provide massive stopping power.  
  • Riders of these bikes can choose between two different sizes. There is the Kawasaki KX 85-II that has 48.26cm front and 40.64cm rear wheels or the Kawasaki KX85 that comes with a 43.18 cm front and 35.56cm rear wheel.
  • Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System; In Kawasaki KX85 the KIPS cover helps to remove the excess exhaust pressure so that the valve action is more precise and the rpm performance is improved. The spring stopper absorbs the over stroke for improved durability. The KIPS governor also works to open the cylinder valves fully. 
  • Powerful because of the phenomenal engine and a power valve
  • Comfortable seat
  • Very fast and reliable
  • Balances easily and can make amazing jumps – As you race you can jump up to 16 metres using the 3rd or 4th gear with Kawasaki KX85. That’s because it has more grunts to easily go over jumps and along trails
  • Lacks suspension a little bit
  • Occasionally the spark plug may fail
  • Learning the clutch can be tricky