2021 Yamaha YZ85LW Review and Specs

bikes kids, kids bikes
bikes kids, kids bikes
Source: Yamaha

For the Serious motorbike Riders

Yamaha YZ85LW is a dirt bike that has inspired so many youngsters to make it big in the world of motocross. It is a legend that has propelled many top professionals with its stellar performance and easy manoeuvrability.

A highlight of this bike is its explosive power that gives a huge advantage to the riders. This power comes from its two-stroke engine along with a Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS). The ergonomics are top-notch as well and it comes with highly adjustable forks.

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2020 Yamaha YZ85LW Review and Specs

The 2020 Yamaha YZ85LW is a star in the youth motocross scene. Many of today’s professional racers were inspired by this dirt bike. It is the bike that led them to their glorious wins. The new YZ85LW can turn your child’s dreams into a reality. Just like the YZ250F, the new model is completely new. Its engine is designed with the Yamaha’s YPVS power valve improving its performance.

Many of this dirt bike’s parts are interchangeable with Yamaha YZ65’s parts making it easy to transition and less hassle for maintenance. Although the outgoing model won the 2018 Australian Junior National title, the new model’s engine has been fitted with a completely revised transmission, intake, and exhaust. With the new features, your kid is ready to win motocross races.

2020 Yamaha YZ85LW for sale
Source: Yamaha

YZ85LW Specs:

  • 85cc displacement
  • YPVS two-stroked, liquid-cooled engine
  • Bore x Stroke: 47.5mm x 47.8mm 
  • 8.1-9.6:1 compression ratio
  • CDI ignition
  • Kick starter system
  • 5 litre fuel tank capacity
  • 6-speed constant mesh transmission
  • Chain final transmission
  • 275mm travel telescopic forks front suspension
  • 287mm travel swingarm rear suspension
  • 220mm single hydraulic front discs
  • 190mm single hydraulic rear discs
  • 1285mm wheelbase
  • 841mm seat height
  • Weights: 73kg 

Key Features

2020 Yamaha YZ85LW specs
Source: Yamaha
  • The crankcase is designed with a reed valve and a 28mm Keihin carburetor for better gas flow.
  • The radiator is light in weight with bigger louvers and cores. 
  • Aluminum vs resin impeller for improved cooling.
  • The new expansion chamber optimizes gas flow due to the YPVS engine output.
  • High-flow airbox.
  • Updated chain adjusters.
  • Adjustable taper-style handlebars.
  • 220mm in diameter front disc and 190mm in diameter rear disc for better braking.
  • High-performance tyres to traction on various terrains.

The new two-stroke YPVS engine

With a two-stroked, liquid cooled engine, the 2020 model now features the Yamaha YPVS technology that prevents the bike from losing power at higher levels of rpm. Moreover, YPVS reduces the need for frequent shifting and enhances drivability. 

For enhanced power output and compression ratio, there is a longer rod and a new head that works best for both.

Rider ergonomics

The new taper style, four-position adjustable handlebar makes it easy for the rider to tune it to the position they feel more comfortable at. With the rear fender, flat fuel tank, side panels, and radiator shrouds, your kids will enjoy the generous freedom of movement.

  • Adjustable rider ergonomics to suit your preferences
  • Lightweight rims (durable and ensure optimum suspension)
  • Easy maintenance
  • High performance
  • No need for frequent shifting
  • Some kids don’t like the positioning of the fuel tank