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2020 Yamaha YZ65 Review

Updated: Jun 03, 2023
2020 Yamaha YZ65 review, YZ review
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2020 Yamaha YZ65 review, YZ review

Best Overall Dirt Bike For (7-10) Year Old’s  

Age (7-10yrs)

The Yamaha YZ65 2020 has very exciting highlights. It provides excellent torque characteristics with just the right manageable power. It has smaller wheels and is lighter in weight compared to the previous YZ85 model. This feature enables even the smallest of riders to do so in confidence. 

This dirt bike was designed for the mini motor racer who wants to win. Inspired by the Yamaha YZ45OF, this new bike is the perfect starter pack for any serious motor racer. The all-new, high-tech, 2-stroke engine provides stable bike handling and boosts the riders’ confidence.

Engineers designed this bike for kids who can step between 50ccs and 85cc bikes. This was done so that the small wheels, miniature frame, and overall lightweight would allow kids to ride faster and with more confidence.  

Yamaha won the title first World MX Championship way before most riders were born. It, therefore, builds dirt bikes for everyone, kids, and pros alike. The YZ65 takes from Yamaha’s decades of leading track performance and durability.

An adjustable front and rear suspension, YZ450F-inspired design, and tapered handlebar are amongst the few trickle-down benefits of this tiny YZ model

2020 Yamaha YZ65 Specifications

2020 Yamaha YZ65 review, YZ review
  • 3.4 litre, fuel capacity
  • Weight – 60.8 Kgs.
  • 64.8cc 2-stroke engine – liquid-cooled
  • Reed valve inducted engine
  • Constant-mesh 6-speed
  • 74.9cm in seat height
  • Final drive chain
  • 114.3 cm in wheelbase
  • Compression ratio 8.1 – 9.6:1


  • It has one of the most advanced liquid-cooled engines with a race-developed crankcase reed valve induction for instantaneous throttle response
  • Easy agility, stable and light handling have been provided for by the semi-double steel frame with an aluminium sub-frame
  • The transmission has been specially developed to help riders achieve lower lap times by utilizing the 65cc engine.
  • The clutch plates and springs have been designed to provide an easy clutch level character.
  • The upside-down front forks confirm that the YZ65 shares the same DNA as other YZ models. It is highly rigid for confident cornering and can absorb the bumpiest surfaces with long-travel tubes.
  • The lightweight swingarm gives extra comfort through a link-less design that reduces routine maintenance requirements.
  • Yamaha YZ65 2020 has 10 adjustment levels in the mono cross rear suspension for rebound and compression damping 
  • Styled inspired by high-end YZ models
  • Adjustability has been provided by the aluminium tapered handlebars
  • It comes with a new improved seat for comfort and easy maintenance.
  • As we know, young riders grow quickly, therefore the YZ65 has been equipped with 4 handlebar positions to suit every kid’s size and style. The handlebars are standard, giving ideal balance and shock absorbing flex and strength.
  • The body is designed for free movement, allowing kids to make easy moves even as they take turns.
  • Solid and competitive
  • Better mechanical power valve
  • Forks are much better
  • Highly versatile so that it fits different sized riders
  • Great suspension
  • Lower end torque makes it easy to ride
  • Very powerful engine
  • Quite expensive
  • Kids outgrow the Yamaha YZ65 very quickly
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